Where to find composition button / black color

hi all
I’m just starting to use this software and try to find where I can turn on “composition” /where to find this button.
I don’t see any M H C L buttons under the name tag V1
I want to create a composition video track to add texts over the video

thanks for your help!

The M H C L buttons are from an older version.

V1 = Main video
V2 = Text over video
To hide a track, just click the eyeball symbol.

Here is a recent post showing how it works.
Problem with text filter
In this post I just used a graphic.

You can also use a Transparent Color.
In Shotcut version 18.10.08, Open Other, (color is default transparent) hit Enter.
Drag to V2, trim/split as desired, then apply Text filter.

VIdeo tracks always composite by default (except the bottom one). The toggle was removed, and a None option was added to the Blending mode in Properties when you select a track by clicking the track header.

many thanks Husdon and Shotcut :slight_smile: I’ll check this out!

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