Where is my "compositing button"?

Anyone can tell me how can I get this “compositing button” appear in the timeline section

Thank you so much

I’ll be waiting online

Already asked a few times and answered:

Thank you for reply me but…
I am a Chinese student and a beginner, forgive my poor English
I still can’t figure out how to make it appear
could you kindly teach me by pictures?
thank you a lot

The button is no longer available. Click Track header (block in left column of Timeline) > Properties > Blend Mode.

“Over” is default, but now you can also choose “None”

Thank you, so how can I do the “mask” without that button?
I am so confused, haha…

You do not need that button to use the Mask. The software changes and tutorials become out-of-date. Skip the steps that require the compositing button. There are also many questions about how to use Mask here. You should search; I am not going to do it for you.

Thank you, I will figure it out!

Here is a screenshot without steps. Nothing needs to be done with Blend Mode in track Properties:

Thank you, finally I solved this issue, with even better case!!

I am so happy now
I love this epic software
Thank you again
Greeting from thousands miles far away: China

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