Where did the text filter go?

Scrolling in the video filters, there’s no text filter. In July there was a post saying using GPU processing made the text filter vanish. Really?

Yes it does.

Thanks. I wonder why this happens.

This is what the leader said.

OK - it is what it is… [/head scratch]

Strike that. Please see below.

Oh snap. I tried turning off the GPU and… GPU and text are mutually exclusive. Turn off the GPU and that gets a warning. Leave GPU on and text goes away.

I’m sorry, but this is a hole a wide truck will fit through. And using HTML to paste this over is… I’ve got enough to do without becoming an HTML pro, too. There has to be a way to get titling right…

Titling with Shotcut can be very frustrating.

I want a simple title overlay - float shadowed text over the main clip. I need to do two vertical scrolls, too. I’ll have to use Resolve instead. [/frown]

But it’s far easier than bludgeoning Shotcut into doing what should be mind-numbingly simple tasks. Sigh…

Not necessary, Shotcut writes all the markup - select the Overlay HTML, choose to create a new file, name it whatever you like then type away. Change the font, style colour as you would in a word processor.
You don’t need to know any HTML.

I’ll give it another try. NTL, it smacks of learning how to assemble a pair of pliers just to be able to put a slight twist on a nut.

I’m only trying to be helpful, RBEmerson - no need to be so scathing about everything that feels like real work to you :smiley:

After spending about four hours on the titling project, I’ve come up with the following:
Simple text overlays are relatively easy to do. Outlining and shadow effects are easy to accomplish. But… while it’s possible to change fonts, font style (bold, etc.), justification (left, center, right, fully justified), line spacing (AKA line height> isn’t in the collection (no single space, space and a half, etc.). Much beyond that point, hands-on HTML coding is almost inevitable. End result: If “close enough” is acceptable, fine. If “close enough” isn’t acceptable, time to think about Plan B (title as .gif??).

I did figure out one way to do a vertical scroll. [marquee direction=“up”]text[/marquee] (use left and right “arrows” in place of the square brackets) will scroll “text” up the screen over and over. I was able to get a nearly usable vertical scroll working. Line height and scroll speed remained issues that demand attention. What was needed was heavily customized (e.g., the window size and margin for the scroll) and still didn’t fit into the time available in the timeline.

My searches suggest that the marquee tag is essentially a dead end. There seem to be much better ways, involving css and more, to achieve a usable vertical scroll. Bottom line, this isn’t putting together pieces of pliers, it’s figuring out how to pour, stamp, and machine the parts first.

You could try and use a different video editor for the titling.:slight_smile:

That’s what I’m left with.

Get Kinetic Text Animator. I use it for titling over Shotcut videos all the time.

That’s attractive. It’s not clear to me whether they accept or render lossless video, though.

Perhaps this free software might interest you?

Very, very interesting but… TINSTAAFL There’s probably a McGuffin in there… Have you used any of the stuff listed on the site?

That’s a silly (and again scathingly negative) comment.
You’re using Shotcut right now.

I’ll answer your question, but this will be my last response to you on this forum. yes - I used VideoPAD for quite some time before finding Shotcut.

“If something looks too good to be true it probably is.” One freebie, such as Shotcut, is believable, but a very long list of freebies with no attribution… there’s probably a McGuffin in there.

So there it is, Stevie. Toodles…