Where can I get a Shotcut User Manual?

I am good at figuring out how to use new to me software if I have a user manual, so is a Shotcut user manual available for purchase ? If not, has anyone in this forum made their own user manual ? I searched Amazon and there were no Shotcut user manuals found. I usually buy my manuals off of Amazon, but when they are unavailable I will buy them from private websites. Let me know if any are available. Thanks. Oh, I do not agree that Shotcut is intuitively friendly to use.

There is online documentation by topic available here:

A number of other resources like FAQ are available here:

I’m not aware of an official user manual aside from the first link given above. There are many YouTube tutorials available, as well as a Tutorials category here on the forum.

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Shotcut is updated very regularly and I don’t think there is enough resource to maintain such a manual. Processes change over time so best to refer to YouTube (filtering on time) for the latest learning techniques.

The Shotcut FLOSS manual link appears to have changed. Try this:


But I would suggest interactive learning through video tutorials is a better and faster way to get up to speed. As @Austin said, there are many introductory lessons on here.

YouTube has just a couple of useful resources as well!

But be aware there may be some minor variations depending on the Shotcut version you are using.

Video editing in general might not be considered intuitive by many, especially anyone new to it. But Shotcut is certainly one of the easiest to use given its feature set, and it gets easier to understand the more you use it.

Good luck!

Thanks, I will refer to this and maybe make my own user manual from this.

Floss manuals was no help, but thanks anyway.

No worries. Between the manual and a host of introductory and getting started videos, I am curious as to what was missing that you expected to find?

See also Beginners Guides to Shotcut

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