When moving the playhead, audio files are not played properly

Hi, I’m new to shotcut.
I’m having the version 18.10.08 of the shotcut. The audio files I have recorded in AAC. I have several files that I had recorded for the video I’m trying to create, and when I’m starting to play the edited video everything works fine, but when I’m moving the playhead to different parts of the movie, and try to play from the begining, the audio doesn’t seem to be played from the beginning…

There are some known issues with seeking on AAC audio files depending on capture system or if they have album art that are fixed in the next version. There is a beta for it you can try, and I plan to release it in a day or two:

If that does not work for you, then you make a sample file available. In the meantime, you can convert the file to WAV, which should not have this problem.

Conversion from AAC to WAV helped!

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