When in timeline pause doesnt keep up?

Im editing an mp4(1280x720 29fps) in timeline and the playback will pause on its own for some reason and when i click play i would expect the playback to start again. And it does. Only the playback jumps to a still from the middle of this mp4 and wont playback until i pause and play real fast then it starts playback and it is within 3 to 10 frames away from where it stopped by itself !!

Sounds like a mismatch of source video fps to the Video Mode fps.
Or the video has a variable frame rate.

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This sounds like the problem to me, too.

Try Properties->Convert… to convert the file to an edit friendly format.

Also, can you show a screenshot that shows the clip properties panel?

the scene is over water and it freezes and when i unfreeze it is when that beach scene appears and the it plays that still until i click play again and its over the water again but a the wrong time point(within the 3 to 10 i mentioned)then it freezes witht e beach scene again and when i click it im back over water

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