What is a "Timeline"? What is a "Key-Frame"?

People have asked before - is there a Glossary somewhere that we can reference? Are these standard terms in video editing or do they has particular meaning when used in Shotcut?

Do you think I should Google each term or is there somewhere where I might find a basic set of terms defined that would help me understand this application?


Youtub is a good way to learn about Shotcut.

Hello. I think you should watch some beginner tutorials on Youtube or on shotcut.org/tutorials/.
This will help you understand what ‘timeline’ and ‘keyframes’ mean, and how to work with editing software, especially Shotcut.

Also, there is a Glossary/Terminology page in the Shotcut Documentation.

It is a work in progress, so it does not yet include all of the terms used in Shotcut. But as it is, I’m sure you can find answers to some of your questions.

Thanks Guys,

Yeah, I am watching tutorials - that’s what brought up the question :slight_smile:

But, call me stupid, I searched for “glossary” and then ignored the 1st. line!!! I thought that was going to take me to Mirriam Webster or something - looks like it is going to define “Glossary” for me. Duh!

That really helps and is what I am looking for BUT strangely “timeline” is omitted! At this point I am guessing that it simply refers to the window that I move the movie clip into to edit it? but then are there other timelines - is the main preview a “timeline”? Why isn’t it simply called “Edit Window”? Is there some other significance?

I somehow expected to find that I could set a “Mark” and then delete up to or from that mark. Set 2 Marks and delete between them. I think I have managed that but glad that I backed up first (I know,I know, only an idiot wouldn’t!!)

Thanks for your prompt responses guys, really appreciate it.

Timeline is the term used by all the video editors I know.
Adobe defines a video timeline as:

The timeline is the area of a video editing application where you arrange your video clips and map out all the edits you’d like to apply. From start to finish, you’ll see all your video clips, audio clips, effects, and transitions laid out in chronological order as you work.

I guess that chronological order explains the use of the name Timeline

You can select a clip, position the playhead where you want the delete to occur and press “i” or “o” on your keyboard:

Pressing “i” will delete the part of the clip that is before the playhead.
Pressing “o” will delete the part of the clip that is that follows the playhead.

Thanks, and yes, that’s as far as I got. Now I am learning about “Ripple” (strange term!) and thinking that I haven’t “pruned” the video - just deleted the content???

I need to go back to the tutorials and work thru’ it a bit more. I am guessing that I don’t actually change anything till I “Export” the result?

If you havent find it already, on YouTube there is an excellent series of Shotcut tutorials created by Joe Cullen. Perfect for beginners.

Here’s the link to the playlist containing all these tutorials:

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