What happens to proxy files when deleting? + questions about masks


Here’s another question for the community. So I’m so happy to be using these proxy files to speed up the flow of things. It’s working great, overall.
However, I’ve deleted a few proxy files because I’ve thought I won’t be needing them. Then, when I bring back the same original file thinking it will become a proxy file again, it simply will not load. I have tried to copy the original file and rename it, but it will will not load. How do I go about this? it seems there should be a simple way to bring it back up.

Another question; it’s not possible at this time to create your own outlines in a mask, is it? I’m talking about cutting out the background in a video file (without using green screen). I know I could go into photoshop or similiar and outline and remove the background for .jpg files but that is an awful lot of work to export and treat each time frame separately.

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In my experience, after deleting a proxy file, Shotcut will create a new one when I open back the project.
Of course Proxy needs to be enabled in Settings.

Do you mean something like this ?


If so, I created a tutorial about it a while ago:

Well, what do you know? The proxy files are there now, but I had to reboot the program for them to show up!

No, that’s not what I’m talking about. I mean, actually removing parts of your video. Like let’s say you want to remove the background of the bride in your video and put her in another environment, you’d need to use masking to do this. In major video editing programs I know you can do it pretty easily by outlining the bride but it seems Shotcut only allows you to either load a pre-made mask (? haven’t tried this feature) or use a common shape.
Am I wrong, people?
Maybe this is something for next program update? Because it sure would be a great feature.

Ah… I see what you mean. It’s called rotoscoping I think. Shotcut is not quite there yet.

Mask: from File works fine, but it’s mainly for still images or video where the camera doesn’t move at all. Things like that.

It would be a great feature… However it’s not on the road map so don’t expect it for the next upgrade :wink:

Ho! it IS on the road map… it was updated recently I see.


Well… still not for the next upgrade. But it’s considered :slight_smile:

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Awesome. I’ll be eagerly waiting and one of the first to use it, I’m sure.

You’ll have to beat me to it :wink:

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