What do these 4 icons do?

What do theesde 4 ucons do?


Mouseover shows the description.

The 1st, from left to right, is for snapping, which is useful if you want to align clips or a clip to your play head.
The 2nd enables audio scrubbing, so hearing the sound while dragging the play head.
The 3rd enables ripple editing, which makes it possible to move or insert clips in front of others and keep the gaps the same.
And the 4th enables ripple editing for all tracks, except locked ones, if you want to change more than one track.
(Differently worded explanations: Glossary / Terminology)

I would suggest you try each in an example project to actually get a feel for the functionality of each button.

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Speaking of which, @shotcut, can you explain the use case for this? The way that scrub audio while dragging works is that the playhead goes to the start of the clip and stays there while dragging. Then the preview window seems to play the frames that would normally have played if it was the playhead being dragged around in that spot. Except that this doesn’t seem to mean much because the times those frames appear will have changed after placing the clip elsewhere in the timeline.

The primary use case is for when dragging from Source or Playlist so that you can better visualize where it will be positioned when dropped. Compare that to the keyboard shortcut or toolbar operations where you first position the play head and can see what is already there first. OTOH, without this option, you could still position the playhead and leverage snapping. It is not that useful for when moving clips as you observed. There is some common code for both cases that makes it behave for both. It could be improved for the move clip case, and trimming could be improved to provide a video preview when this is on.

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The description doesn’t explain enough.

Thanks for the explination bro!

My pleasure.

Sorry! :frowning:

Going back to this again, I think that this potentially could be a very useful feature if it is modified so that when dragging a clip the playhead is showing whatever the very last frame would be right before the start of the dragged clip so that way it provides a preview of where you are at in the timeline. Also, if there could be an option to do this with or without scrubbing audio that would be nice too because this feature could be very useful just with the video preview happening.

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