What do the three timeline buttons to the right of the magnet do?

I’m referring to these buttons:


I read the faq, the #faq posts in the forum, and watched the tutorials on this website, but I still don’t understand what these buttons do.

  1. Can someone explain what each one does independently?
  2. If relevant, can someone explain the effects of having a combination of these on at the same time?


Take the habit of turning the two Ripple button off after you use them.
They’re very useful, but can be a pain in the butt when you don’t need them.


The Ripple Twins are very powerful and very, very dangerous.
Turn them OFF except when you really need them.

Many times “Undo” will not completely undo their havok.

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True about the undo.
But that’s something you have to learn by experience I guess.
Maybe they should flash when they’re ON.
Or a loud siren, after they’re left ON for more than X minutes

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These - as do most things - have tool tips that explain them a little bit - at least gives them a name. Move your mouse over one and wait one second.

Then, you can search here for “ripple” and the first result is from the documentation (not everything is documented but move to posts after that):

I use them almost every day.

I open up a space in an almost finished video to insert my branding and titles sequence about one minute in.

I take out a comment that I decide to delete, in a multi-track video, preserving all the work previously done later on the timeline.

…and several times a day, I forget to turn them off, I make one more edit and everything is ruined, and I am glad I use “Save As” while I go back to my most recent numbered checkpoint “Save As” MLT.

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This is super helpful and a good way to document the feature. I didn’t notice any of the gifs using the * button all by itself. What does it do in that case?

OK that seems to answer the question I just had. Thanks

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OK actually I have one more request: Could you make a gif of how things work when all buttons are off?

Sorry, I don’t understand. At the beginning of each of my 3 gifs above, I show how things behaves before turning ON one of the buttons.

oh sorry. Brain fart. Thanks

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No problem :slight_smile:

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