Weird Shotcut Audio glitching

when I import my video into shotcut. I get this weird audio bug where it almost sounds like the audio is either duplicated or constantly clipping in and out. Video here and it seems to be very on and off. last project I worked on, when I changed the audio device it seemingly worked and the audio wasn’t like this and it was just fine until I reopened the project and it changed the audio device and bugged out the same again. Still super weird and distorted. and now the fix I had before just doesnt work so I suspect its something else.

I used OBS 30.0.2 to record and here are the settings I used.

As a sanity check to see if the audio was just borked within the file itself, I opened the video in VLC and it was just fine.

Attempted preview scaling down to the lowest made no difference.

Converting the file to an editing friendly format had no effect.

My system is not being overloaded at all. with only 12% of my CPU being taken and 3Mb’s a second being put on my SATA SSD. with my specs also being a ryzen 9 5900X and my GPU being a 7900XT

I am on the latest update of windows as well as the latest update of shotcut.

Edit: I caught the bug and recorded it. check this video if you look and listen you can see how my audio is working correctly on that device. I close shotcut and reopen it, suddenly its all cracky and poppy.

Maybe related to this

In particular, see the reply about different Windows audio API options.
But also could be the combination of fMP4 with AV1 and FLAC, which is unusual.

Thank you so much, forcing the command line option--SDL_AUDIODRIVER directsound seems to have worked for me. opening up the project 3 times now and the bug seems to have just gone away! If anything else happens I will update. but for now, this seems to have worked perfectly for me.

I added sub-menu Settings > Player > Audio API in the next version 24.01 for which there will be a beta this weekend.

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