Volume adjustments at some places

How can I adjust audio volume of a movie, only in some small places, where volume is really low, without re-encoding the whole movie.
Answers will be appreciated.

Shotcut version 200711

What you are asking is similar to the post linked below.

Add audio filter, enable key frames, add pairs of key frames where you wish to increase/decrease the volume.

If you do not want to re-encode the film, there are several solutions.
In Shotcut, you can use the “Gain” audio filter and apply it using keyframes.
For the export and depending on the final purpose of the video, you can choose a lossless format (UtVideo, for example) or a visual lossless format (mp4).
This will generate a video without noticeable visual loss, with the audio track corrected.
If you need more control over the audio process you could use Audacity to shape the audio to your liking. Export the repaired audio and attach it to the original video using Avidemux. This way you do not re-encode the video and only change the (previously corrected) audio track into the container format.

I mentioned this software because they are free. There are more alternatives, it depends on your needs.

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