Advice on cutting from one audio track to another

I am making a video from a microlight flight.

I have captured the radio comms so I have random sound bytes from the pilot etc.
What is a nice way of cutting from the music sound track to the radio comms and back?


I was looking at a similar challenge - a voice over a music track.
I tried out a way to do it.

The two audio tracks will need to on separate tracks in the time line.
Select the track and add the Gain / Volume Filter.
Click the Key Frame Icon :stopwatch: in the filter properties.
A key frame section appears on the timeline.
You can drag the start / end key frames, coloured red and green, however it will be best to add more key frames.
At the left of the timeline there is the :stopwatch: icon to insert additional key frame markers at the play head line.
Add pairs of key frame markers at points where you want to fade in/out.

Drag the key frame markers up or down as required to adjust the volume.

This will need to be done on both tracks.
E.G. track 1 turned up when track 2 is turned down.

Screen shot shows filter with key frames added.

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Thank you Roger. Much appreciated.

Any advice on the actual timing ect.

For example:

  1. Fade music to off ramp 3 secs
  2. silence 1 sec
  3. Gain voice up ramp 3 secs
  4. Fade voice - gain music over 3 secs

Should music cut back to earlier in song so that nothing is missing ?

Also advice on transition between songs?

Sorry - not enough experience to advise on this.
I suggest trying out a few transitions to see what they are like.
Music varies a lot so the style could affect transition times and whether you silence or make quieter to talk over it.

It’s probably more of an art than a science. :smiley:

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