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I find it incredibly hard to voice my videos, but I don’t want to procrastinate from this situation, I want to master in it.

Are there any suggestions to how I can improve my skill, I have saw people like @jonray , EPIC VOICE GUY (in the forum) to speak very calm and well in their video, I wonder how are they so patient. I have borrowed a good mic from my friend to practice, as I will buy a new one when I will master voiceover. If I get better on it, I will start making videos again, having those cool things covered that are very often used. If I get good at this, I will also try to start a gig on fiverr and earn some from it for my future needs, rather than just working on photo Editing on photoshop because there are very less people there who want me to work for photo Editing, I personally see voiceover a better thing than photo editing.


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Good luck in this endeavour. There is some useful information on how to prepare a voice-over script on the following webpage. I would add that the judicious use of colour and font-size changes (in addition to the bold, italic, underlining and sectioning dicussed) also make nuances more clear.

The following webpage is a good source of information regarding the technical aspects:


Thanks, that was some helpful thing from you, and it helped me to improve. I still can’t speak confidently, but now I know to prepare a script.

I will practice more, and also look forward for any professional voiceover artist here to help me.

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Hi @Ar_D , thank you for your compliment!! However, as far as advice goes, other than saying “speak slowly and clearly, and project your voice” I probably can’t offer much more than that. I’m a trained teacher so maybe that helps…
Just thinking, you might want to listen to some actor reciting poetry. How about this one?

or another idea, this one!

You’ll be speaking RP (received pronunciation) English in no time!!

Or maybe watch and analyse TV newsreaders?


Thanks, I will follow them all.

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Jon Bailey “Epic Voice Guy” (probably best known from Honest Trailers) offers coaching if you want to get ideas from a professional.


The few times I have done this, I have found that I tend to read the script at a very deliberate speed - and then I can speed it up using Audacity or similar software to get something that has a better pace.

One other thought, though maybe slightly off-topic - it is surprisingly cheap and easy to create a teleprompter if you need to look into the lens while reading a script. There are quite a few DIY versions out there for the hardware, and free apps to use an Android or Apple tablet or phone to generate the text. I worked up a 3d printed version to use with an old 8" Android tablet that I have, and it works astonishingly well.


Hey, that sounds like the voice on @bentacular’s tutorials !! Secret’s out … :rofl:

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Busted… :wink:

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I have a samsung tablet, which I use very often, I think that tablet would help. I am partially sure that it will support those apps, as it’s running Android 10, but still don’t know.

I also had a setup like this, but all lost while shifting. Except a old camera, which was good at that time, but not now. But I didn’t have that screen reading idea at that time.

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Something looks similar, what is the the thing :thinking:?

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Is it more of confidence or a practicality/technique issue?

It is the matter of Confidence.

Thanks to @Austin @jonray @Elusien @awake and all, now I am more confident in voiceover.
I will now try to release a video soon, after I finish the Spanish tutorial.


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