Viewing two tracks simultaneously

Is there a way of viewing two or more synchronised video tracks simultaneously? ie, with with two viewing windows so that you can more easily choose when to switch from one view to another for the final cut? ie, if you’ve got two cameras recording a conversation between two people, you may want to view both at the same time to decide where to switch from one to the other. I’ve got that issue right now.


Mike Hersee

Hi @MikeHersee
No you can’t view two tracks on two separate viewers.

In case you’re not already aware of it, one thing that could be useful to you though is the Hide button on each track head.

There is a workaround to simulate a multi-cam switcher. See the EDIT section at the bottom of this post:

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You could temporarily put an opacity filter on the topmost track to enable you to see through it to the track below.

Thanks, this is the solution I may use. I did without it for the time being.


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