Multi camera sequence

Is it possible to import videos recorded from multiple angles, sync them using audio and then create easy transitions/cuts for the final video ?

Yes. There is not a dedicated multi-cam switcher like other editors have, but the workflow is easy enough without it.

  1. Import footage using one track per camera angle.
  2. Sync by audio is a manual process. But the video clips have audio waveforms in them, so a sharp peak in the sound (from a clap or a marker board) is sufficient to visually sync the waveforms.
  3. Cuts are easy. Turn on “Ripple All Tracks” first (timeline icon on the far right of the toolbar). Use track visibility buttons to see the different camera angles and choose the one you want. Split the video where you want one segment to end and where the next segment should start. Right-click the dead-air clip in between those splits and remove it. Due to Ripple All being activated, all other tracks will collapse the same amount and stay in sync. If music is already applied and you don’t want the music collapsed, turn on the Lock icon for that track so it isn’t affected. Lastly, if there are three camera angles and the current view is V2, then it will be necessary to delete the footage on V3 above it to make V2 visible. If the deleted V3 clip ever needs to be reconstructed, just drag the handles on either side of the nearby clip into the open space and it will repopulate from the neighboring clip. Or, have an empty V4 above everything and drag lower clips up to V4 anytime they need visibility. There are many ways to do this, so choose whatever fits the project.
  4. Transitions proceed as usual once cuts are done.

Forgot to mention that some people do the clever trick of putting “Size and Position” filters on their footage so they can view all the tracks at once. For instance, if there are four tracks, then a “Size and Position” filter goes on each track head (not an individual clip - track head filters apply to all clips on the track) and the filter shrinks each track so it fits in a different corner of the screen. The end result is a 2x2 video wall with all four tracks visible at once. This tends to work better on proxies since it is filter-heavy.


Like this?

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Exactly, that works great for 2 cameras. Nice video. Although for 3+ cameras, it’s faster to push one desired clip to a higher “Visible” track rather than push all the undesired clips to “Invisible” tracks.


Make visible or make invisible, whatever works. The tracks are for syncing purposes only.

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Thank you for such a detailed response.
I will try this and see how comfortable and easy this is.
But I can feel that this wont be like real-time playing and switching.

That trick of seeing all 4 together would be really helpful. :slight_smile:

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