Videos on top of each other using modes. ("linear burn", "pin light", etc)

Hey guys, I want to use modes, as in Gimp or other Video Editing software’s, where you place 2 or more videos on top of each other, and you have the option of changing one or more to options like “linear burn”, “pin light”, “darken only”, “dodge”, “addition”, etc.

Is there a feature in Shotcut that permits me to do this?

Yes. You’re talking about blend modes. It’s available in Shotcut in 2 ways. One is any video track above the first will have a Blend mode option available if you click on the track head and go to its Properties panel. That will apply the blend mode to all clips on that track.

The second way is the actual Blend Mode filter that is in the video category in the Filters list that you can apply to individual clips.

Thanks so much. In my computer it works in the filter section.

Is there a way to activate it in the properties? As you can see, in the latest version for Windows in my machine it doesn’t show.

Thanks for the links. The Cairo Graphics link is super useful.

That’s the properties of a clip you have selected not the track head. Look at the image I posted. You’ll see I have the V2 track head selected. That’s why I underlined the V2 track head in the image and put an arrow to the Properties tab.

Thanks. It’s in there. Works fabulously.

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