Blend Mode

The Blend Mode filter lets you override the way a clip blends with the the bottom video track. The default blending mode follows the video track’s blending mode, which is set in Properties with a default of Over (simple alpha compositing).


Most of the options are the standard Porter/Duff blend modes. Full technical details about the different blend modes are defined in the Cairo graphics library.

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Hello there, I just moved from another editor to shotcut and it provides me a quicker workflow with good tools and quality.

However I have a problem with the blnd modes. First, I don’t see the blend mode in the track properties. Second, when I try to apply the blend mode filter to a clip, it seems to do nothing.

Is there some setting that I’m ignoring or something I should do differently?.


For your first question:
You need to select the track Head to have access to the Blend options.
It won’t work on track V1 since there is nothing under it.

For your second question:
If you apply the Blend Mode filter on a clip that have another clip under it (and they are not ALL transparent clips), it should work. You tried different modes of blending (Multiply, Screen, Overlay etc…) and none is working ?

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Hello, Thanks for replying.

I tried to get the blend mode as you described for the track on top and it didn’t work, it doesn’t show the blend modes.

I also tried to apply several blending modes to the clip on top, which is a png with transparency (is that a problem?) over a mp4 with no transparency. Then I tried to put an mp4 over another mp4 (both with no transparency) and it didn’t work.

In the meantime, I didn’t let this stop me and I emulated my favorite blending mode applying the opacity filter and some color grading, but it would be great to have the blend modes working.


That’s strange. I really don’t know why you can’t use Blend Modes.

But here is not really the place for this kind of discussion. This is the Documentation category.
It would be best to post this problem in the Help / How to category.
Repeat what you said in your two posts here and indicate what version of Shotcut you use and on what computer (Operating system + Version).

Great, Thanks man!