Videos Loaded in are Choppy

The videos I am combining each play properly through VLC, but become choppy once imported into Shotcut. The exported MP4 files and the preview are equally choppy. The audio sounds as it should.
The videos all have a resolution of 720 × 576, a frame rate of 25.000000 FPS, and are H.265 + MP3 (MP4) files downloaded via VLC from a disc. I am on Linux. These issues are new, having used the programme before without a problem.
Thank you.

What are your Video Mode settings in Shotcut?

Probably a TS container. Convert the clip to edit-friendly and try again.

Thank you. How would I go about converting the clip? Is there a way of doing this through Shotcut, or do you have a recommendation for another programme?

Click Convert


It immediately shows it has failed in the ‘Jobs’ section, when I try to convert.

Right-click the failed job > View Log
This should reveal the reason for the failure. You can copy and paste the contents to us here if you want us to diagnose further.

/usr/bin/nice: ‘/usr/bin/ffmpeg’: No such file or directory

Failed with exit code 127

Since you are not using one of our builds you need to get ffmpeg from your distribution package manager. You can also try one of our builds from the download page to see if performs better without conversion.

It now allows me to convert clips, and they are all as they should be. The same is true once exported. Many thanks to all of you!

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