Video not able to load/playback?

I am having problems getting shotcut to play the video correctly. Any new video I have downloaded shows this. Plays the first maybe 15 seconds and then it lags video and no audio.

Old downloaded videos work fine. Just any new downloads don’t seem to play correctly.

Your screenshot shows that you have messed up the usage of proxies by losing track of the original file they proxy. And maybe there was a problem with proxy generation being stopped early. Like maybe you quit Shotcut while a proxy job was running and ignored the warning about jobs still running. Turn off proxy and try opening an original video with a normal file name - not one of those proxy filenames like you show. Also, “it lags video” is not a very useful description. And what exactly do you mean by “downloads?”

The file runs fine in “Movies & TV”, No skipping fine audio. In shotcut the video just skips through and loses all audio past the spikes of audio you can see. It only takes about 5 seconds for it to load into the shotcut. its not a long video, 3min 45 seconds. Does the same thing when proxy is turned off. Seems like something with the most recent update downloaded for shotcut.

I saw another spot where you were talking about going settings > Display method. I don’t see this setting.


It kinda looks like its missing the program designated to open the video here.

Your log snippet does not show anything wrong, and Display Method was intentionally removed at the beginning of 2023 as it is no longer needed. I have not experienced the problem you describe with the videos I have used in the past few months.

You can share a short video file for us to download that shows the problem. If you do not want to post it public you can click my user name and send it in a private message. You can upload up to 8MB here, or if bigger than that use some cloud drive where you can share a file via a link. The video should not be a screen capture showing the problem; it should be a video that causes the problem you describe.

It is possible your issue is related to a change made to the Windows audio API usage in 2023. Please take a look at my reply here to see how to change it and see if it helps

The next version adds an Settings > Player > Audio API to the menu to make this easier.

I did try to change audio though the different windows settings in the properties of shotcut.

Still the same problem.

Here is a video showing exactly what is happening.

The audio is not in the clip, didnt put shotcut into obs. But the audio is fine for the part loaded and no audio after where it becomes choppy.

From your screen recording, I can see that your source videos are variable frame rate. Media players can usually do fine with VFR. But video editors do not work well with it because it is difficult to seek.

Your best approach would be to configure OBS to record in constant frame rate. See this post and other similar posts on this forum:

Another option is to click “Convert…” and convert your files. The converter in Shotcut will convert your file to constant frame rate and then replace your source file with the converted file in the project. It takes some time and it costs some disk space. But it usually makes the files work.

I’m not directly saving the files from OBS, I am downloading it off of Twitch vods, similar to a youtube video. So I’m sure it is VFR, I did try to convert it, but still the same result, it did give it 5 extra seconds of play time when converted into a .Mov

I’m out of ideas. You are still invited to share a file with us - maybe one of us can figure out how to make it work.

Twitch vod downloads from the Creator Dashboard are all variable frame rate (VFR).
You will need to convert all videos to an Edit-Friendly state for Shotcut.

These are screenshots from your video:
You have two different frame rates that Shotcut will be reading.

In your video, you swapped one video out for another one, yet didn’t change the Video Mode.
I would be curious to know what your Video Mode is set to.

Using MediaInfo to show video details, this is a file I downloaded last year from Twitch.
It was streamed at 30fps.

It’s in the range of the minimum and maximum as indicated with MediaInfo.
I also have the color transfer properties intact.

When you convert it to an even frame rate of 30.000000 fps or 60.000000 fps, it will drop/add frames as needed, but the file will be much easier to edit.

For future videos, I highly recommend only recording with OBS.

Well this atleast got it to be able to play longer, It’s now able to play the entirety of the video but it is still missing sound past the 5-10 second mark now. Honestly it’s gotta be something with the way it’s being downloaded because i tried another video editor and it does the same thing.

I totally have no clue at this point either. I would love to share my screen and see if you can get this thing working again. Just le me know how you wanna do the screen share, Discord?

More likely Twitch VODs are not meant to be edited because they are a recording on the Twitch-side of the live stream, which is subject to data loss further exacerbating the variable frame rate created during capture. Can you record and stream at the same time? If our Convert is not good enough, and one of your media players can play it, you can record the media player (locally).

You sir are living in the year 3003… that might be the answer. just rerecord it lol.

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