Video made with Shotcut supplemented with Blender Animation


I like to share a newly released karaoke video clip made in Shotcut with some animation complimenting from Blender, by my wife. She has been learning Shotcut for ~6 months. The Blender animations comes from me with most of them using “green screen effect” demonstrated by @musicalbox.

A tutorial of that is done by @Musicalbox

Happy to hear some feedbacks how we can improve this kind of video project quality.
Would appreciate some thoughts on good resources we can use from the net on video/pics background (free :slight_smile: ) and techniques how to improve quality of video with people faces (I am at a loss on which filters to use for enhancing video of people … color, light, sharpness, etc).



Very nice video. Love the choice of Shotcut transitions and effects you used. :+1:

And I’m glad the tutorial was useful to you and your wife :slight_smile:

Nice video and effex composition. At 1:41 ff. in the background the clouds flickering/clipping is a bit weird - i would try to omit this, maybe by taking shots of real cloudy sky if you want. Some effects are quite nice, some are maybe a bit overdone (just personal opinion). If you blend in the car (Chevy) i would only do it once and not several times again according to the song. But these are more aspects of personal preference.

Thank you Rilos for taking the time to give constructive feedback …
Cheers :smile:


Just thought I like to share another video clips made in Shotcut and Blender by my wife and me.


Hi all,

Another music video with a little fun to it ? Hope you enjoy this … any feedback for improvement is appreciated.

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Like it. For an interesting explanation of what the lyrics of the Mardi Gras song mean see here:

Fantastic, @seemon! Really enjoyed that! :+1: :smile:

Glad to know you both like it @Elusien and @jonray !

Very nicely done, seemon! Figure movement animation used to be the very high art in 3d animation but it seems to have become much simpler in Blender nowadays :slight_smile:
I even like the real parts more - but our little dauther will love it all :slight_smile:

Thanks Rilos.

Glad you and daughter like the “real people part”.
Hmm let’s see if this is still possible in youtube as it has a new service terms eff 1st June that does not allow some form of “recoginizable facial” … not sure what that really means like what is shown in this video … if it is allow.

Hi all,

Sharing another music video with “flash mobs” popular in China and a few other neighbouring countries. The song for this MV is done in English, Chinese and Korean languages …
This will likely be our last video with “flash mobs” as it appears there is a new ruling effective 1st June by Youtube not allowing “faces” be used unless with explicit approval … or something. Enjoy.

Little Apple (小苹果) by Chopstick Brothers, released on 29 May 2014, quickly became a global hit, with parodies, flash mobs and covers from around the world.

On Mar 23, 2015 China’s Sports General Admin launched 12 sets of square dances across the state, Little Apple being one of the official dances.

This video captures the evolution of the Little Apple square dance over the years, giving us an idea of how China square dancing had grown to become a popular and healthy dance form for people of all ages. This will be our last youtube video that includes Flashmobs and Dancers, due to a new Youtube ruling that comes into effect on 1 June 2021.

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Hi @jonray, @Elusien, @musicalbox, @RilosVideos and all,

Another new music video with a little more effects … hope you enjoy it. The song is a little old my evergreen …

Does any of you know there’s any templates in shotcut that I can use in future video editing?

sorry … updated link

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Hi all,

Another music video :slight_smile: with a little more video effects. Also mixing 3 different video settings for the dancing/animated parts . A remix version of an old ever green song - Oh Carol !

Hope you like it.

Hope you enjoy this.

Ahem … another short video clip. Uses more Shotcut effects with usual animations 3D stuff from Blender, and some filters in GIMP (using GMIC addon).
Hope you enjoy this …

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