Video made with Shotcut supplemented with Blender Animation


I like to share a newly released karaoke video clip made in Shotcut with some animation complimenting from Blender, by my wife. She has been learning Shotcut for ~6 months. The Blender animations comes from me with most of them using “green screen effect” demonstrated by @musicalbox.

A tutorial of that is done by @Musicalbox

Happy to hear some feedbacks how we can improve this kind of video project quality.
Would appreciate some thoughts on good resources we can use from the net on video/pics background (free :slight_smile: ) and techniques how to improve quality of video with people faces (I am at a loss on which filters to use for enhancing video of people … color, light, sharpness, etc).



Very nice video. Love the choice of Shotcut transitions and effects you used. :+1:

And I’m glad the tutorial was useful to you and your wife :slight_smile:

Nice video and effex composition. At 1:41 ff. in the background the clouds flickering/clipping is a bit weird - i would try to omit this, maybe by taking shots of real cloudy sky if you want. Some effects are quite nice, some are maybe a bit overdone (just personal opinion). If you blend in the car (Chevy) i would only do it once and not several times again according to the song. But these are more aspects of personal preference.

Thank you Rilos for taking the time to give constructive feedback …
Cheers :smile: