Video made with Shotcut/GES augmented with Blender

Using GES to create realistic “Virtual Tour” of cities …

I like to share this new video I made with “Google Earth Studio” augmented with Blender for 3D objects. Appears the results is quite realistic for “virtual tour of cities”. Using Singapore Harbour for this demo - will then try other cities.

The final video (starting at 1:00) is clearly Shotcut (my favorite video editor) adding some text animated (using Shotcut) with filters “mask in file” and 3D LUTS (the latter is my first attempt using in Shotcut :slight_smile: )

Appreciate feedback …
I will be making another video but with “3D landscape with buildings etc” of Singapore harbour as shown in this video and compare the “realistic” effect.

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Update this with more “elaborate detailed” 3D models added … my largest 3D landscape I had tried to consolidate.

Learn quite a few tricks in techniques managing large landscape with many assets :slight_smile:

It looks like Singapore may have changed just a little bit since I lived there … from 1972-75! I sure would love to go back and visit.

well will have to wait till travel freeze is over … :slight_smile:


Just to reveal how far back my time there goes … we used to hire a boat and go over to Sentosa island and play capture the flag, all over the island - nothing was there except the remains of the WWII gun emplacements and bunkers. Now my understanding is that Sentosa is something of a resort - ??

Yes … Sentosa is a resort island … with Universal Studio and other entertainment located there. Here’s my updated video version of Singapore Harbour … if you are interested.

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In celebrating the coming Singapore National Day on August 9th virtually in view of the “lock down”, here’s a music video that me and my wife made for all to enjoy.

It has a medley of 4 songs each with different dance motion with MMD models, with Google Earth assets and some stages that I build/supplemented or modified based on “real environment”.