Video made with Shotcut/GES augmented with Blender

Using GES to create realistic “Virtual Tour” of cities …

I like to share this new video I made with “Google Earth Studio” augmented with Blender for 3D objects. Appears the results is quite realistic for “virtual tour of cities”. Using Singapore Harbour for this demo - will then try other cities.

The final video (starting at 1:00) is clearly Shotcut (my favorite video editor) adding some text animated (using Shotcut) with filters “mask in file” and 3D LUTS (the latter is my first attempt using in Shotcut :slight_smile: )

Appreciate feedback …
I will be making another video but with “3D landscape with buildings etc” of Singapore harbour as shown in this video and compare the “realistic” effect.


Update this with more “elaborate detailed” 3D models added … my largest 3D landscape I had tried to consolidate.

Learn quite a few tricks in techniques managing large landscape with many assets :slight_smile:

It looks like Singapore may have changed just a little bit since I lived there … from 1972-75! I sure would love to go back and visit.

well will have to wait till travel freeze is over … :slight_smile:


Just to reveal how far back my time there goes … we used to hire a boat and go over to Sentosa island and play capture the flag, all over the island - nothing was there except the remains of the WWII gun emplacements and bunkers. Now my understanding is that Sentosa is something of a resort - ??

Yes … Sentosa is a resort island … with Universal Studio and other entertainment located there. Here’s my updated video version of Singapore Harbour … if you are interested.

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In celebrating the coming Singapore National Day on August 9th virtually in view of the “lock down”, here’s a music video that me and my wife made for all to enjoy.

It has a medley of 4 songs each with different dance motion with MMD models, with Google Earth assets and some stages that I build/supplemented or modified based on “real environment”.


If using SRT files (the standard way) for subtitles (, the subtitles will be visible for people in the majority of countries with bad internet connection, the subtitles will not be occluded by the chapter title (as it does for me), and web browsers will be able to automatically translate the text to other languages.

hi @BlueBeaver,
Isn’t it even more difficult for these people to get the SRT. I mean you need to put the SRT somewhere in the cloud and people need to download this SRT to view it.
Am I wrong about this?
Just so you know we will continue to make music video regularly and so am interested to hear your view.

Another new music video fyi. It also comes with a tutorial how I build those scene using 3D animation … for those interested in Blender 3D landscape.
It comes with free blender files so that you can go straight to any specific tutorial part and start learning.

Blender Tutorial related to this music video specific to 3D scenes on maze garden, zombie crowd (standing (1&2), chasing (3&4) and roaming (5&6)… )
6 parts tutorial, 3 parts published to date.

part 1:
part 2:
part 3:

For those not running Gnome, you could always use my app for generating subtitles. See:

Before using Shotcut, the only use of subtitles burnt into video streams I ever saw before, was early digital television converted from analog broadcasts by the cable provider. YouTube and all major video services have text as subtitles and there is no download required, even the Chinese karaoke sites can be auto translated to your language in Google Chrome because they have text subtitles.

ok @BlueBeaver understand now. Appears youtube does have option to load in SRT … need to learn how’s that works in term of timing it correct etc. Will consider this option in my next music video … Thanks for sharing your thoughts and cue.
@Elusien, thanks for chipping in your tool too. Hmm will likely be looking at other option as the person to do this part is my wifey … not me :slight_smile: I am more focus on landscape and animation and stuff.

hi @BlueBeaver,
We now make latest music video with SRT :slight_smile:
Hope this works well … let me know any feedback.

The English subtitles are disabled by default for me, but can be turned on in the settings. Maybe because it’s the same language as the audio. A big improvement in accessibility for most of the viewers.

oh so this is not automated for subtitle ? Hmm maybe an issue then … people just click and go mostly I think


Thanks @cyfer.
My last part 6 of 6 tutorial on “zombie crowds” simulation in Blender with free blender file to enable ease to follow the tutorial. Also this is my first “voice over” tutorial attempt using OBS and edited with Shotcut.

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