Video Lags When Editing

I know this is already in the forum somewhere, but the answers that I have been able to find have not been detailed enough for me,
Computer specs:
Processor: AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics
RAM: 5.45GB usable
System type: x64-based processor.
Video type: MOV. I also use MP4, but I keep the two file formats in separate projects. Both file types lag.
How can I edit my videos smoothly without decreasing the quality when I export it? I know in Lightworks, there is a proxy option that does this. Can I do this, or something similar, in Shotcut?
Thank you!

Well there’s been many discussions regarding this topic, some are quite detailed - so perhaps you missed this one?

In-app lag won’t result in a laggy exported video
If your video is choppy before you do any editing or add any filters, then your PC is just not up to the job (not all PCs are suitable for video editing). If you are adding filters, then in preview these are applied ‘on-the-fly’ which is very CPU intensive and frankly your laptop’s APU is really underpowered.

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