Video is blurry when I open the file

The quality of the videos I’m trying to open are good, but when I do it’s all blurry, it used to work just fine before I don’t know what happened, any idea on how to fix?
I have tried with different files it’s all the same

You probably need to set your project Video Mode

Do you mean inside shotcut or after clicking export?
(you set quality to 100% which is not recommended as it creates huge files, go for 65%)

Inside shotcut

The screenshot is somewhat helpful in that you now know you don’t need to set 100% quality (as mentioned by @daniel47). More information is required. Some questions:

  1. What resolution are your input files - 1280x720, 1920x1080, or perhaps even 4k?
  2. What is your video mode setting (@Brian mentioned this but you haven’t let us know what that is yet)?
  3. Do you have proxy and/or preview scaling enabled?
  4. I’m guessing no, but do you have any filters applied to the video track? I ask because in the screenshot, based on a cursory visual estimation, your video looks to be in some kind of widescreen format. It doesn’t look like a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, otherwise there wouldn’t be any black bars at the top or bottom.

It might also be helpful to attach your mlt file so we can take a look.

1- 1920x1080
2- I have never set it up/changed, shortcut always worked fine for me I have made some videos already
3- Similar answer to number 2, I never touched anything related to that
4- When I play that game I use 1920-800 resolution it allows me to have a wider view, but the recording is 1920x1080 but as I said before it always worked fine for me, but this occurred to me when I started a new project

About the 100% quality that was me trying to fix it’s usually 55%, but that export quality, my issue is while editing the video

This is further evidence that the Video Mode is the problem. I suggest to investigate this further. Please click on the “Properties” Panel. Then, click on the “Output” keystone in the timeline. Take a screenshot of the properties panel for the timeline and share it here.

From the screenshot, we can see that there are no filters on the timeline (Output) or tracks because there would be a “funnel” icon. But we can not see if there are filters on the clip.

Please click on the “Filters” panel. Then, click on your clip to show the filters (or lack of filters) for the clip. Share a screenshot so we can see.

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Yes, understood. I’ve been there and done that too at one stage when I was investigating file size trade-offs against quality (the aforementioned 65% is a great number for something that is visually lossless).

Along with this, feel free to upload your mlt project file since that could be helpful. Thanks!

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