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I just have to say that finding Shotcut is a savior! i am really thankful that i found it cause i cant seem to find a quick and good video editor out there.

Ok here is my question…
I am making a birthday “avp” for someone, its actually a slideshow that includes old photos of him. I am making the slideshow using Windows movie maker and will be using Shotcut as my final video editor. Here is the thing, i want the slideshow that i made be played with a moving video background behind it. So it means that as the slideshow of pictures i made with windows movie maker is playing, there is a motion graphic background video behind it that plays as well. The only step i am aware of doing is making 2 video tracks, placing my main video on the 1st video track and placing the motion graphic background on the 2nd track…when i play it, the only thing i see is the motion graphic background…I dont know what to do next. I hope you get what i mean here. Apologies for being a novice at Shotcut…i just recently downloaded it.

Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon!

I think this tutorial would be useful to you:


Hello DRM! i appreciate your reply but the video you told me to watch is all about making split screen video and making a small “window” video on a simultaneously playing video. It is not what i am aiming for.

As i said…what i am after is this. I already have my slideshow of pictures video made with Movie Maker as well as downloaded my motion graphic background. How can i make a video using Shotcut wherein my slideshow of pictures has a graphic moving background playing behind it?

  1. Where should i place my main(slideshow) video. 1st video track or 2nd video track?
  2. Should i use video layering>opacity or something else? and on which track, my main slideshow or the motion graphic background.

I am looking at youtube of a sample that i am talking about.

In this video starting at 0:23, you can see that there is a motion graphic background of a green screen and unfocused white particle circles playing behind as a slide show of pictures of the couple are also playing. That is what i wanted to make, the two playing simultaneously. How can i do it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@DRM did post a very practical video for you to review.
It is very difficult to follow your first post, so DRM’s response was as close as I could have guessed as well.

Since you posted a sample video…

This would be on V1, the “green screen and unfocused white particle circles”.

The video you used as a reference would be using the Size & Position filter. If you watch the video DRM posted, you can either type in the size you need, or you can size the window by dragging the white outlined box to where you want it to be placed/sized at. Dragging the white outlined box is not shown in the video. But the video DRM posted will be of great use to at least keep the same size box for the video you produce with WMM.

Thanks for the reply Hudson555x

Apologies that i may not get everything cause i really am a novice at this. So my first question is, is it possible to do that same thing in my sample using Shotcut for my video?

What i recently tried is making 2 video tracks. I placed my slideshow on the 1st track then the motion graphic on the 2nd track. I then resized my slideshow a little bit and altered the opacity of the slideshow so that the motion graphic can still be seen under it. The problem is i can still see the border of my slideshow which results into seeing the slideshow “boxed” and of course the motion graphics under the slideshow is also altered because of the change in opacity on the slideshow.

I hope you guys can understand what i am trying to say. Again, my apologies

If you guys know any video i can watch to do this, it would be a great help. Thank you so much!

By the way…what is “V1” ?

“V1” is video track 1. It’s always the lowest video track if you have several tracks in the timeline:

(Apologies to Hudson555x for stepping in here - I just had this picture handy to post on here…)

Which program are you working with? Are you experiencing this problem with Shotcut or Windows Movie Maker?

Oh, ok…so V1 means video track one. Thanks for that @jonray.

@Hudson555x - I am working on Shotcut now. I have finished my work on Windows Movie Maker(WMV) and will be finishing my slideshow avp presentation using Shotcut. As seen on my sample video, i would like to have a motion graphic background playing at the back of my made slideshow on VMV. Is it possible? and if so…is there any tutorial video out there you know that you can link me on so can i study it? thanks!

THanks again! :slight_smile:

V1 is your background video.
V2 is your slideshow video.
Size & Position filter applied to V2.

If V2 wasn’t made with transparency, which is used with the example video, then you will not be able to see through to V1. Which is where the filter allows you to scale V2 to see V1.

thanks! so how can i make v2 with transparency?

sorry, i am such a noob

There is an “Opacity” filter in the video section of the Filters list. Add that to your V2 track along with the Size & Position filter. Play around with the scale in the “Opacity” filter until it’s as transparent as you want it to be. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you made your video, nor do I know anything about Windows Movie Maker.

Using these images from a video game.
(Right click to see images full size)
1001a 1002a 1003a

I put these images over a moving video, using the Size & Position filter, along with fade in/fade outs. I have all fades checked “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black”.

Here is a video showing how it turned out. Just threw something together quick to show what can be done with the Size & Position filters. If your video is just one size, you could just scale it down with the size & position filter so your background video will show though.

@jonray , no problem… We all have various strengths in this forum. Mine is just above newbie, lol, I think.

You’re way to hard on yourself! Your skills are much more than that. And your contributions here are helping a lot of people!!:+1::+1:

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Wow! thanks! i am overwhelmed with all the help i am getting…i really really appreciate it! thanks guys!

Yes…i think i am getting it little by little. I may just go with resizing my main slideshow so that a little bit of my motion graphic background can be seen. I have tried making my main slideshow a little bit transparent so that my motion graphic background can be seen but i actually did not like how it looked, it was a little bit “busy” with all the movements and was overwhelming my main slideshow.

Anyways…i have one last question guys. Is there a way i can improve the quality of a video using shotcut? For example a have a low quality video(like 240p or 360p). Is there a way i can make it better like 480p or much better 720p in HD?

Thanks again guys! :slight_smile:

No. Not with any software I know of.

Oh! that’s unfortunate @Hudson555x, i asked that cause i also have an old video but the quality is bad.


I am finishing my video but it seems that i am having difficulty centering my slideshow on top of my motion background.

1.) Is there an option in shotcut wherein after resizing my slideshow(V2) to the size i want, there is an automatic button to center it on the screen so that it is perfectly centered playing above the motion graphic(V1)? or i have to center it manually using the mouse only? I cant seem to center it perfectly by myself.

2.) Can i put a border on my V2 to emphasize it?

Thanks again!

You simply need to do a little math or play with the numbers in the Position fields instead of using the mouse.

Not easily. Considering the difficulty you have had, I do not want to try to explain it. Sorry, but you can search here for topics and explanations if you want to try it.


This post I did a couple of months back might help you understand the simple maths behind resizing and centring an image or video.

Key-frame zooming, motion & objects outside the screen area

@Hudson555x I have to agree with the above comment from @jonray . However modestly you may rate yourself, your willingness to try to help others is a credit to both yourself and this forum. If I ever met you in RL I would shake your hand and thank you brother.