Video gets stretched after upload to Udemy

Hello, I am uploading videos to Udemy. The platform Udemy has 1920 * 1080 resolution or higher and aspect ratio 16:9 as requirement. I am keeping resolution 1920 * 1080 and aspect ratio as 16:9. The video comes out fine. However, when I upload to Udemy, that is when there is problem. I tried looking at Udemy forum but seems from some answers that I am doing something wrong at my editor (Shotcut) tool. I am using Shotcut only for editing. For recording I am using OBS studio and everything is turning up fine from there. Please guide me on thus.


I @shah
Have you tried uploading one of your videos to another platform? Like YouTube maybe? Do you experience the same problem there?

How can we know that?
What did you do to ensure it?

great idea. I will try that. Thanks

It is in the ‘export file’ settings

Do not change any parameters in the “Advanced” export settings. Set your Video Mode to the dimensions you want.