Video fluidity after export

Hello, I’ve been using shotcut for a few weeks now to edit video game gampelay.
But I got a weird issue recently that I can’t explain.

Indeed, with the exact same export settings some edits have a better quality than others in term of fluidity. (and ofc base videos are recorded in the same way/quality)

here’s an example of what I mean :
(good quality) :
(same settings but less fluid) :

My export settings are the following :

codec : H264 hight profile (h264_nvenc)
fps : 60 (or 59,XXX)
quality : 99%
GOP : 125

I tryed many things such as lowering GOP and redoing edits with the same clips but I can’t find why is the fluidity lowered on some edits.

The only noticeable difference is that on “low quality” edits when I first click on export the default fps value is 25fps whereas on good videos it’s already set to something like 59,99XXX fps.

Any clue to how I can fix that or at least avoid it in futur videos ?

When you first start a project it’s very important you set the correct Video Mode for your project.
If you have source video at 60fps, ensure your Video Mode is set for 1080p, 60 FPS.
All of your edits will take on the Video Mode you have set. If left in “Automatic” mode, Shotcut sets the Video Mode to the first file opened. If you opened an image first, your video mode take on a 1080p 25FPS Video Mode.

With Source footage at 1080p, 60fps, and Video Mode to match, selecting YouTube export preset, with hardware encoding on. Don’t change anything in Advanced.

You’re right the default video mode was set on 25fps !
Probably because I use to import all the screenshot/image before videos.

Now it looks fine, thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

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