Video files are becoming choppy

I have an MP4 file that has smooth animation. At a certain point, Shotcut is instead showing the movements as jerky and choppy. When I exported, it kept the bad movements instead of making them smooth.

Does anyone know how to restore smoothness?

Make sure that the frame rate of the Video Mode matches the frame rate of the source file.

You can check the source file frame rate by viewing the properties panel when you have the clip selected. You can take a screenshot and post it here if you would like other people to help you interpret it.

The frame rates are both 30.30. It still skips over the smooth transition. :frowning:

This is not a standard frame rate and potentially indicates that your source file is variable frame rate.

Here are some good next steps:

  1. Take a screenshot of the properties panel and post it here so we can see all the properties
  2. As a test, click the “Convert…” button in the properties panel and allow Shotcut to convert the clip. Does the problem occur with the converted file?

The converted file still has the choppiness issue, so I’ve attached the properties below.

We would need the details view. That shows things like framerate and resolution there.




Actually, I am requesting the properties panel in Shotcut. Like this:

Also, what is the Video Mode set to? You can view that in the same properties panel when the timeline “Output” box is selected

With those two pictures, we can see if your frame rate matches and if your video is VFR.


Properties #2:

30.303013 and 30.302946 are not standard frame rates. I bet your sources are variable frame rate. As a test, I suggest to use the “Convert…” feature in Shotcut to convert one of the sources to a standard frame rate (like 30fps) and then try the synchronization again.

Changing the frame rate didn’t work. I think it’s the importation itself that’s the issue, and that any attempts to convert frame rates merely changes the frame rate of the already-damaged sequence.

Is there a way to fix the importing itself, perhaps?

Edit: I will head over to your other thread and answer there.

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