Video Exporting Fail

I’m making a Video Game montage. And once I export the video, when it gets to 50-60% completed it fails and doesn’t finish… Help please!

You need to give information such as:

  • What system are you using (OS, CPU, Memory, Disk Space etc.)
  • Which version of Shotcut are you using (Help -> About Shotcut)
  • Post a copy of the export job logfile, right-click on the job and display the log.
  • Are you using Hardware Encoding?

Just saying that it fails to export is not something that anyone will be able to help with.

  • Windows
    a. CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3210M CPU 2.50GHz
    27.7 GB free of 297 GB

  • Shotcut version 20.04.12

  • failed export log.txt (17.3 KB)

  • Hardware Encoding (Disabled)

From your log

Failed with exit code -1073741819

Do a search here on that number and read:

Update: I found what the problem was. I read a post with the exit code -1073741819 and It said that the timestamp next to the failed export job was where the export failed. So basically I used the stabilize filter don’t know why it was the problem but it was. I exported it again and it still failed! But I went to the timestamp again and the clip there was using the stabilize filter. I exported it again and as I am typing this, it is at 50% exported and it should work now…

You might be running low on memory, or possibly the stabilization analysis results are invalid or simply misbehaving. If you want to get stabilization included you could try:

  1. open the clip to be stabilized in Source player
  2. add the Stabilize filter, and run analysis
  3. Export > From = Source > Export File
    Normally I suggest an export preset of intermediate/DNxHR HQ or ProRes, but these create large files and you do not have much space.
  4. When the export job completes, hopefully successfully, double-click it to open the stabilized clip in Source.
  5. Replace the corresponding clips in the Timeline. This can be done by looking at the starting time/frame of the timeline clip, changing the stabilized clip in Source to have the same in point, right-click the timeline clip, and choose Replace, but there are other ways that you may be more familiar comfortable with using.)

Oh okay, just removed the Stabilize filter for the certain clips and I came to realize it was not really necessary to keep the filter on those clips. But indeed I’m running out of storage space, but it’s not much of an issue because I am keeping the clips on a different device and transferring the files to my PC. Thanks for the feedback and recommendations for fixes.

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