Version 23.07 RELEASE CANDIDATE now available to test

You can read the release notes and download it here (there are also Snap and Flatpak beta channels in progress)

This will be released by the end of the month.


Great news! I just updated the beta for Windows with:

  • Fixed crash on startup on older Windows 10 computers that do not have Direct3D 11 (broke in v23.05).

Cordial saludo.

Me alegra que solucionaran el problema en Windows 10 (el programa no abria)

En mi caso, habia instalado OpenShot pero la verdad no me convence del todo y prefiero ShotCut pero con ese problema lo habia abandonado.

Sin embargo, me dio por curiosear y veo felizmente que decidieron arreglar ese error para que equipos antiguos sigan utilizando ShotCut, en hora buena y felicitaciones.

Tanto en equipos viejos, como nuevos, ShotCut debe funcionar correctamente.


This beta has been updated to a new build for a release candidate.


I tested version 23.07.10, on standard operations, no problem in particular. Works well for me. (Windows 10)

It’s nice to see that the color issues are gone when gpu effects are enabled. So far everything is working stably, I’m trying to find bugs)

@shotcut - if you try to open a black clip (Open other > colour, select top left black box) - you get a transparent clip. (Alpha = 0, not 255).

It worked OK in 23.06.14.

Thanks for the notice. That is fixed for the release.

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Missing “OK / Cancel” Button for delete filter sets if the file name is long and the width of the list box is to small.

Yes, you can drag the dialog bigger to see the bottons again!

I like SC! Nice work!

I noticed it too (Windows 10) since the first v23 version.

I also noticed that Shotcut remembers the width you choose for the dialog box of each individual Filter Set.

Only until you restart. This will not be addressed.
The buttons hiding is fixed for release.

Almost any gpu effect on the master channel causes a crash. Is it just me having this problem?

This is a known bug that is not yet fixed. I made a change to hide the GPU filters for the output track.