Version 22.06 Overly Truncates Text

This isn’t a bug, exactly, as it doesn’t affect the operation, but it’s a pretty annoying thing that I noticed today after upgrading to 22.06. The track titles are all truncated, showing “…” uniformly (when the actual titles are V1, A1, etc., so doesn’t really make sense for them to be truncated).

The hamburger menu on the timeline is also overly truncated, showing in the most egregious case only “Ot…” for what I assume is Other. There is plenty of whitespace next to these truncations which makes them not only impractical but also really ugly.

Truncated timeline menu (truncated track titles visible in background):


Version: 22.06.23

Did you change something in your Operating system’s Display settings?

I get the problem you describe if I change the recommended 100% setting to something bigger.
Example bellow, layout size set to 150%


This appears to be an unfortunate problem in the GUI toolkit we use when using fractional display scaling (not a multiple of 100%) in Windows. I made a change to make Shotcut use fractional scaling within the UI instead of rounding up or down to the nearest multiple of 100 (to fix some important bugs), and it caused this bug I reproduced:

What is strange is that it only affects menu items that have a submenu! I hope I can fix it.

Maybe the little arrow for submenu is taking up more space than expected? (like the width/2 then only the arrow is alligned to the right)

That makes sense! I do have my scale set to 125% in Windows, but it has always been set that way and wasn’t an issue with previous versions. Hopefully a minor fix and definitely not an urgent one–thanks!

Thanks to @Elusien for sending me here.

I did figure out a workaround until it can be resolved.

Set scaling on your MAIN display to 100%, start ShortCut, return Scaling back to 125% (or whatever you had) and it works fine.

In my situation, it is interesting to note that with a dual monitor setup, if my MAIN display to the one that is 125% scaled, I get the truncation; if my MAIN display is at 100% it doesn’t truncate.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for reporting the results of your experiments. It will be useful for others until Dan comes up with a fix.

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Thanks, @MadDogDean. Helpful.

This problem affecting the menus is fixed for the next version. Another workaround is to run Shotcut with command line argument --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 1.

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