Vegas Pro? Should I?

I just took Resolve off my machine because I wasn’t using it. It was taking up over 1 GB of disk space and was awkward to use.

That said, Shotcut would have a lot of Resolve’s color grading capability if Shotcut’s color-grading controls were fixed up.

You found Vegas more buggy than Shotcut? That’s an intriguing turn of events if so. :slight_smile: Shotcut really is getting better then. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

To be fair to Vegas, I find Shotcut is also buggy but I find it more predictable insofar as when it decides to crash it’s usually because I’ve been doing something which, in hindsight, I realise might have been the trigger. Don’t get me wrong - I don’t expect software to crash but I feel as though I kinda know the sorts of things that might set it off with Shotcut. Also, and perhaps more significantly, Shotcut has recovery - allowing me to reopen the file without having lost a load of work.

Is this still the case even with version 18.11.18? If so and you can figure out exactly what triggers them please start threads on each of those cases so that they can be fixed.

I’m currently on v 18.11.13 but will update soon and happily report crashes and what I was doing at the time.

I don’t mean to go off topic here, but there are only three programs that I have counted on time and time again throughout the years that have never crashed. Notepad, Snipping Tool & 7Zip. Somewhere in my closet is a box full of floppy disks that may have had one or two great programs that didn’t have problems.

Vegas Pro is superior to Shotcut, as long as you’re willing to pay the price, and with the price of the add on filters or effects, you’ll pay for that software until they go bankrupt. Even discussing the Adobe world, they have bugs too. Many of the same issues that happen in Shotcut, can be widely searched within numerous Adobe platform forum groups. Even though I don’t have Adobe (except for Reader) I find their forums very informative and learn from other’s techniques they use.

If I had my choice, and the disposable income to throw at Adobe, I wouldn’t be here. But my video editing needs don’t even come close to needing something other than Shotcut. Perhaps one day they might, but I just don’t see it.

Here is a video by EposVox, pretty much talking about the reasons why he needs Abobe, as it’s his job for doing video on a daily basis, and why he’s in the Adobe world. It’s a really great discussion on NLE’s in general.

FWIW I am now getting accurate colors with x264, ffv1 and huffyuv by talking directly to ffmpeg, not through Shotcut,so color accuracy is possible with these codecs. 16-180-16 comes out as 16-179-16 which is close enough to be considered accurate. I am not using any of ffmpeg’s video filters to manipulate colors or levels.

Any issues with UT Video?

I’ll add Ut to my list of codecs to test. I assume ffmpeg can encode it? I should also test ProRes.

I haven’t figured out how to get accurate colors from Shotcut. I don’t know what Shotcut is doing with colors under the hood.

I’m open to ideas as to what to do with this program when it’s further along. It won’t compete with Shotcut because it’s not an editing program.

Yup. Before Dan added the Ut presets to the latest Shotcut version @Austin was saying he was transcoding to Ut with ffmpeg.

Yeah that’d be great. There are other intermediate presets in Shotcut but I don’t know if those codecs are of equal interest.

Like I said before how about integrating it into Shotcut? :slight_smile: I know you said it seems daunting but you could take your time in doing it. It’s not like there is a deadline for contributing code to Shotcut.

And thank you for sharing these updates on your testing. You should make your own thread on this here and have it as a sort of open journal on your findings and progress. It’d be the best way to easily find what’s new rather than searching in different threads for your posts on this.

I have started a new topic on Shotcut Color Accuracy.

My .02 cents. I used both Vegas Movie Studio 10 and MEP until about four years ago when I decided I didn’t want anything more to do with Micro$oft Windoze. It was Sony Vegas then and I loved it. The one great feature that persuaded me to use Shotcut instead of Kdenlive was the assembly of clips on the same video track - and cross dissolves were simple as drag the right-hand clip leftward into the left-hand clip. The necessity to arrange for dissolves on an adjacent track in Kdenlive seems like a poor choice to me. However, Vegas and MEP allow for “dynamic” (?) cross-dissolves. If you change your mind about the duration of the dissolve you can pick it up and drag it again to where you want it. As you probably know Shotcut cross-dissolves can only be removed with an Undo. Make sure you are really happy with the timing.

I was also able to make a very complicated Blu-ray disk album of my granddaughter’s wedding using DVD Architect. I insist these things are still viable. I cannot foresee presenting a commemorative video gift set on a flash drive! And the Linux community never gave us a viable alternative.

I have no desire to offend anyone but if I still ran Windoze I would still be using the Vegas Movie Studio version. I don’t run Micro$oft for the same reasons I don’t use Facebok, Tweeter, Goog search and so on. I am a capitalist but these companies are very irresponsible and I won’t patronize them. Long live FOSS!


Interesting point about the cross dissolves / transitions. That’s one of my least favourite things about Shotcut - I’ve got into the habit of leaving towards the end of the project but I still don’t like that they can’t simply be removed / changed easily. I thought it was just me not knowing how to make changes.

I have had a few years under my belt doing linear editing on 1/2 inch tape (VHS) for a public access tv station as a volunteer. In my training back then, that I still can’t escape from today, is how it’s vital to start at zero to the left, and work to the right. So for me, I’ve applied transitions as I work. Until a few months ago, after watching many tutorial videos of other NLE softwares, basically to learn different work flows, I see how my original training is a bit flawed in today’s world. For me video is just a hobby and learning about it on the digital side is just amazing.

I appreciate your post, as I’ve spent some time looking at Vegas Pro and know that this software is not what I need at this time. The only good thing about Vegas Pro over Adobe is you own the software, and not reliant upon a monthly/yearly rental charge.

Agree re the monthly subs… I will not even give Adobe a look these days. I can see how it can make sense from a software dev / cashflow point of view and I guess monthly subs must be a better income even if they’ve lost some customers.

my 2cents is simple, there isn’t any single NLE that is “the best”.
The best one is the one you stick to to learn it’s good and the workarounds the bad, according to the task in hand. I did fine job with WMM and was paid for that, and did lousy job with more advanced NLE’s and got paid for it also.
I don’t regard current shoucut as full fledged NLE (maybe sometime down stream) but more as sophisticated player.

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