Vegas Pro? Should I?

Good idea. :slight_smile: Link to ffmpeg’s bug report page.

Speaking of which @Paul2, did you report to them that bug you brought up where it doesn’t flag the clips as interlaced top field first right?

Been there, done all that. These issues exist in both 4:2:0 and 4:2:2. I’ve taken in a surprising number of sat feeds at 4:2:0 and they look just fine.

Not in my experience. I’ve reported this problem and they blew it off. After that experience I’m not keen on nursing ffmpeg.

ffmpeg is not interactive. It is laborious encoding and decoding over and over again until you find the right settings. I’m writing my program to be interactive…


I didn’t have to, someone already did, although he was complaining about interlaced Prores and not XDCAM but same problem.
Also found a reference to it on this forum:

Also see here:

Our playout server is quite happy with the resulting files but it bothers me that they are flagged as either progressive or sometimes interlaced but with bottom field first.

Where does this video come from?

From news agencies, advertisers, music videos from publishing houses, VT inserts for graphics and overlays, many sources.

We specify that all video material must be delivered in XDCAMHD.
They don’t always get it right but we help where we can.
One thing we reject immediately is progressive footage (unless organised before hand) and definitely no drone footage that uses el-cheapo cameras that adjust shutter speed to compensate for varying lighting conditions.

Is this in the US or the UK? Do you take feeds from Pathfire or Pitchblue? Do you mind saying what organization you work for?

Was it a while ago that it was reported? Because if it was then I guess the ffmpeg team decided it wasn’t worthy of fixing or at least not a priority?

Neither, let’s just say the southern hemisphere.
We don’t use Pathfire nor Pitchblue but rather Aspera as it integrates nicely with mobile devices so that reporters in the field can upload footage immediately.

It was quite a while back, can’t remember exact date.
Not sure why the bug persists and if it’s still on the to-do list

Last night I tested my program. It clips video levels very nicely but even better, the video levels survive the trip from YUV to RGB and back to YUV very nicely. All video is kept in x.264.

It’s a good editing Programm but If you dont Need it for your Job dont buy it, its was to expensive for auch Hobby :slight_smile:

With regard to Vegas… I played with the trial, briefly due to unplanned events taking over. I eventually got back to the question of “do I”, “don’t I” about 1hr before the offer ended and so took the plunge. Installed the fully copy and found it buggy - small things, like becoming unresponsive and crashing… I know all programs can do that but it was too frequent and no apparent recovery of the open file. So… I’ve cancelled the order.

(I also did not like that Magix had introduced a new offer meaning the original offer was a bit of an artificial deadline to buy. Felt a little disingenuous.)

If It’s of any use to anyone, here is the code I use to decode from YUV to RGB. Original code written in PureBasic.

#Kr = 0.2126: #Kg = 0.7152: #Kb = 0.0722

yf = y
uf = u
vf = v

Pr = (vf -128.0)/ 255
Pb = (uf-128.0) / 255
Yf / 255
If rf > 1: rf = 1:EndIf: If gf > 1: gf = 1:EndIf: If bf > 1: bf = 1:EndIf
If rf < 0: rf = 0:EndIf: If gf < 0: gf = 0:EndIf: If bf < 0: bf = 0:EndIf

rf * 255
gf * 255
bf * 255

rd = rf
gd = gf
bd = bf

All variables are floats except y,u,v, rd, gd, bd.

Alright, so I will add my 2 cents as well for this.

I am someone who has gone through and tested a lot of editors, free and otherwise. Shotcut out of all the free ones is my 2nd favorite. My absolute favorite would have to be Davinci Resolve though, due to the fact they have most of it unlocked and now their fusion 3D compositor is built in on top of it (full hardware acceleration, and many filters and composite effects unlocked). If you are on Linux though you cannot edit certain formats due to license fees (Paid version has those unlocked in Linux I have read)… So I am stuck with it on Windows… But Shotcut is amazing in the ways that you can not only use quite a bit in the ways of filters and are given a bit of flexability, but also as a free editor they have hardware acceleration. That is what I find massively important. I have noticed the color export issue through that though. If I don’t use hardware acceleration everything comes out in colors and such as a 1 to 1 ratio with no issues. Unless you add filters to change the look of course.
If you want to do something quick and export it I would say Shotcut all the way. But if you wish to have a more complex project I would recommend Davinci Resolve free version. Then go from there and see if you either need the paid version of it for 300$ (Note they have given those that have purchased it since version 11 free upgrades all the way up to version 15 so far compared to other companies), then if what they fully offer for some reason isn’t enough look at other solutions.


I have also found that on Windows there is no Prores (on the free version) but it is there on the Mac version, also the free one.

Some of what goes on with Davinci Resolve is just odd hah. But then again it might be a license thing if Windows doesn’t have it :stuck_out_tongue: .

@TheRiaya An interesting contribution; especially as I had a go with DaVinci Resolve yesterday. On the whole I found the experience a good one and wouldn’t rule out using it more when I want to explore specific features. However, for now, I’ve found myself reverting to Shotcut because it’s such a good user experience. Not lacking in features and largely makes the editing process efficient and straightforward. To be clear, there is nothing about Shotcut that made me seek out alternatives - I simply stumbled upon a deal with Vegas, knew it is a popular editor, and questioned whether the deal was one to grab while it was available. Coming at it from a position of inexperience and naivety.

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I think so too.
Prores has always been very much a “Mac-centric” codec.

Are you sure ffmpeg for Windows doesn’t have some of these?

FFmpeg does have them, was refering to Davinci Resolve.