V21.08.29 - System clipboard prevents from dragging new clips in timeline

What is your operating system? Windows 10

What is your Shotcut version? v21.08.11 & v21.08.29

I stumbled on that bug using these steps:

  1. Launch Shotcut 21.08.11 or 21.08.29

  2. Create a track

  3. Drag an image or a video to the track

  4. Select the clip and click the Copy button.

  5. Open Notepad, paste and save as a .txt file

  6. Exit Notepad and Shotcut.

  7. Launch Shotcut again and create a track

  8. Open the .txt file and copy all the text.

  9. Select the track in Shotcut and press the Paste button.
    The clip is pasted on the track

  10. Try to drag a different image (or video) on the track.
    Instead of that new clip, Shotcut will add a copy of the clip previously pasted on the track.

One workaround found: Copy random text before trying to drag another image or clip.

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This is fixed for the next version 21.09

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Merci de vos réponses et bonne journée à vous tous.
Merci pour la mise à jour dans la V21.09

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