V20.11 BETA is now available to test


The main purpose of the 20.11 release is to address new problems as a result of the major changes to our main app library and build processes mentioned in the v20.10.31 release notes.

Rules of Participation (Important)

  • This beta period will not be a general bug-fixing period unlike some past ones.
  • Only critical regressions since version v20.09.27 will be addressed.
  • Do not report about existing bugs that have not been indicated as fixed by this version.
  • The beta period will end by November 29 (but possibly sooner).
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue.
    If using a GitHub issue, make sure you indicate the version.


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!


Hi and thanks for this new release !
I like the new Timeline and Keyframes menus.
However, like explained in the release notes : “they are embedded within the panel and must shrink and offer scrolling based on the size of the panel.” That’s fine with me, but for the sake of inexperienced users, I wonder if it would be possible to have the vertical scrolling bar visible at all times, or even better, to make it appear when the mouse cursor is over the menu.

As it is now, if the Timeline panel is short and scrolling is needed, the scroll bar only becomes visible when you start mouse-scrolling or you click’n’drag the menu. Same when left clicking on a clip or inside a track. Many important options will be hidden and you’d have no obvious way of knowing it.

I use Shotcut on Windows 10

P.S. I LOVE the new buttons in the Filters tab !

Not possible.

Update: I am moving more things into sub-menus so the lists are shorter.

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A suggestion concerning the new control in the filter tab to hide filters.

My suggestion is to toggle the guides/controls in the output window on or off, rather than hide the settings as well.

There are times when making fine adjustments where the guides obscure the details, e.g. fitting a filter to a object on screen.
With the on screen guides hidden it would be helpful if you can use the settings panel to make the fine adjustments.

Example screen shot of making a frame around a clip - the on screen guides are covering the border I am trying to adjust.

This icon would work if toggling on screen display:

These aren’t critical but I want to ask:

  • When you right click in an empty space, instead of it just having the two options of Remove and Replace it has all the other options for regular clips grayed out. Can’t the menu for when right clicking in an empty space just have Remove and Replace as the two options as it was before?

  • This is a small suggestion but one that would add a lot to the quality of the workflow. When you go to the playlist and copy a clip instead of opening it, there is nothing to visually indicate that the clip in the Source tab is a copy. Can there be a change in color of the highlight color in the playlist when a clip is copied? Like going from blue to a maybe something like a light green highlight? I was doing a project where I was logging a lot of clips and I sometimes thought I was copying clips when I didn’t and ended up editing clips I already prepared.

All the new menu API can do is make menu items disabled or blank rows but not hidden/collapsed. I had already thought about this. In order to make it like before, I would have to rewrite the code so there is a separate menu defined for each clip state: blank, audio clip, video clip, and transition. Then, move all the menus into a different code area and trigger them differently depending on context. It is a big change. Maybe someday, but not for this version.

This also isn’t necessarily critical but I feel it is important to mention because it is a change that was made to Text: Rich in the last version that I don’t think works. I believe that the default size of the VUI should be left as full screen. By shortening the default size of the VUI it actually ends up adding more work to the user especially if the are using Simple Keyframes since the default for Simple Keyframes is still with the VUI as full screen. All the preset animations for Text: Rich are set with the VUI as full screen. If the concern was simply that the default location of typing out the text was too high in the VUI and it was being blocked by the toolbar, how about setting the default “Shotcut” text simply lower in the VUI and to the left side like in the example below?

There is no more default text “Shotcut.” When I changed that unfortunately I could not make it still default to centered. Then, the toolbar conflicting with the text becomes more obvious. As a result, the initial user experience with this filter went from meh to worse. Besides, how often does one want text right up to the edge? Even the current size and position is not ideal and something like a 15% margin all around might be better. There is a “Full Screen” preset added. But yeah, the new default size does conflict with the simple keyframe defaults, and that is an easy low risk change. The animated presets are not very useful for this filter; they are mainly for giving ideas.

I just tested this and I think it’s good now. :slightly_smiling_face: Before by only shortening the top it was just awkward but now the default size matches the inner guide line of the Safe Area and it makes sense now.

One thing I noticed is when I try to copy and paste the numbers from the Text Size to the Background Size so that the VUI can match the amount of text, the Background Size parameter wouldn’t acknowledge the change unless I pressed up or down on the arrow buttons.


Right click to remove blank space.
X doesn’t do anything, neither do other keyboard shortcuts listed.
Someone might try to use a shortcut listed and it won’t work for them.


Many numeric fields require that you press Enter, Tab, or otherwise defocus to apply the change. It is not always friendly to have things reacting and changing as you type.

Both the menu item and the shortcuts work for me. Of course, you may not be able to use the keyboard shortcut while the menu is open. I cannot do anything about that. It has never been the intention that you can type the keyboard shortcut while the menu is open. How that behaves previously depended on the operation system and the shortcut (e.g. requires Ctrl or standalone letter). We do not write the low level GUI code.

It is after I pressed Enter. I copy and paste from the Text Size to the Background Size, press Enter or Tab and nothing changes until I press the up or down arrow buttons.

In fact, I should also point out that the shortcut key Ctrl+C for the Text Size in Text Rich is not working. I have to right click to copy the number.

It is working for me.

shortcut key Ctrl+C for the Text Size in Text Rich is not working

The GUI library disables shortcuts and keyboard events for read-only fields. I am unable to fix or work around it.

Here is a demo.
I copy with right click the Text Size and and paste it to the Background Size. I then click the mouse on the Background Size parameter then move it out the way so I can show that I am pressing Enter. I do it 3 times. No change to the Background Size in the player. I then hit Tab several times and you can see the selection move in the Text Rich Parameters as I do it. Still no change in the Background Size seen. I then move the playhead argound in the timeline. Still no change. I finally press the up arrow and that is when the Background Size parameter updates.

Also, I found a crash. In this demo, I stretch out the clip and split it three times. I then trimmed a bit of the start of the fourth clip and a bit of the end of the second clip. I multi-select the second and fourth clips and move them to the left overwriting the first and third clip. I go to the History window and undo it to the beginning then redo the whole set of actions. I undo it to the beginning one more time and both the track head and the clip change to a strange look. I finally go to the track head and right click on it and at that point you can see that the Windows loading animation appears on the mouse cursor. It’s at that point that Shotcut crashes.

This is fixed.

I found a crash. In this demo.

Reproduced, not a new bug, and no fix yet. Unlikely to be fixed in the release.