V20.02 BETA is now available to test

Isn’t it better to limit the controls under the player to things that one would need immediately during editing? I can’t see people wanting to toggle the Deinterlacer and Interpoliton on and off constantly during editing.

I don’t think anyone is going to confuse that feature with the final export considering that when you open Shotcut there is that whole start page that has instructions about how to set the video resolution of a project. Plus the export menu marks the resolution it will export to and people can always access that.

You can make the name more direct if you’re afraid of any confusion. Alternative names like “Playback Resolution” or even more blunt “Lag Reduction”. Let me also point out that Premiere Pro has this same feature as a drop down menu literally right under the player like I suggested.

And I’ve never heard anyone being confused as to what the function of that is which in Premiere Pro they call “Preview Resolution”. Interesting to note that Premiere Pro does say “Full” instead of “None” for its feature. Maybe you would want to use the word “Full” instead of “None” to also help avoid any possible confusion?

How about a compromise? :grin: It switches tabs from Source to Project and selects the clip the very first time any media is dragged and dropped into an empty timeline. After that, drag and drop stays on Source unless manually switched to Project?

Maybe inverting the colors of the outline of the box and the circle in the middle? So when it’s double clicked to make it moveable from anywhere inside the box it turns the gray parts (i.e. the lines of the box and the circle) to white and the white parts (the corners and the highlight of the circle) to gray?

9) Preview Scaling has some real strange inconsistency in terms of playback quality between the different modes. I made a demo and in it I have a video clip running and on two upper video tracks I have some text animation running for several seconds in the middle. The text animation was done with Simple keyframes and both text clips fade in and out. When it gets to the text animation part, the playback becomes choppy when Preview Scaling is set to 720p or 540p but it is NOT choppy when it is set to None or 360p. Here is the demo. In order, I show the playback for None, 720p, 540p, 360p and back to None one more time.

10) The Rectangle filter clashes with the Preview Scaling. It works when it’s on “None” but on anything else makes it unusable. In this demo, I go through None, 720p, 540p, 360p and back to None again.

11) Have a video clip on track V1. Put a transparent clip on track V2. Add the Rectangle filter to the transparent clip on V2. Make sure that the playhead is on that transparent clip so that the Rectangle filter is seen in the player. Now try to close Shotcut. Shotcut will not close and instead will stay frozen.

12) The recent change to switch modes by double clicking is faulty. First, having it on the default mode of only moving from the circle does not let you drag and drop. Second, doubling clicking on it to switch modes then back again changes the size a bit for some reason. In this demo, I first show it doesn’t let you drag down in the default mode then how toggling back and forth changes the size value.

This falls under the clause “but there may be added a fair cost to the CPU for down-scaling sources to the preview resolution” in the release notes. At None, there may be no scaling. At 360p, there is scaling but the result is low enough resolution to complete other effects in a timely manner. Earlier @Earlybite noted that fades have a big impact. I cannot improve upon preview scaling in general with a minor tweak - only rather a complete rewrite or optimization sweep of all effects, which is not going to happen in 7 days.

10 ) The Rectangle filter clashes with the Preview Scaling.
11 ) Add the Rectangle filter… Shotcut will not close and instead will stay frozen.

I am removing the Rectangle filter. There are too many execution manner issues with it between this, the window popping up, and Preset not working. While working on the Preset issue, I ran into additional low level issues where the rectangle disappears and not even removing the filter and adding it again works. I am not confident I can work through all the issues in the long term and consider it a failed experiment for now.

12 ) The recent change to switch modes by double clicking is faulty.

I fixed the drag-n-drop from Source player issue. As for the size change, I found that is not a new problem. I have a tentative fix, but I need to review and test it more before committing it.

This is fixed as well as invert for the release.

Excellent work, Dan - thanks!

The shift/wheel shortcut for track height change is so useful for me, especially when I have lots of tracks and I need to get an overview of what’s gong on generally, then I need to zoom in on a track in detail.

However, I feel the track height jumps quickly in one wheel movement from very small to large. Would it be possible at some point to have the height increments be in smaller, even steps?

The demo below shows an example of the kind of behaviour I had in mind - it’s a screenshot of Movie Edit Pro. Thank you.


While looking into this, I noticed that timeline scrolling with the wheel was broken in non-blank areas. So, I fixed that and also finally fixed zoom & track-height not responding in blank areas of the timeline, which is something that always annoyed me. Lastly, yes, I reduced the speed of change for this.

YESSSS! Thank you!!:+1::smiley:

So I’ve done more testing on the Pitch filter, @brian.

It seems that even just applying the Pitch filter with no modification can produce audio clipping. Here is a demo where I play the video without filters first with no clipping heard in the original video. Then I apply the Pitch filter where you can hear the clipping produced: https://streamable.com/hf1vd

By the way, @shotcut, there is an annoying ongoing bug for several months now that many times when pressing “Enter” in the list of filters Shotcut will switch the tabs from Project to Source. I haven’t been able to find the specific trigger for it but during the above demo at 23 seconds when I add the Pitch filter I press “Enter” to pick it from the list and you can see that the tabs inadvertently switch from Project to Source.

The original video that I am using which is the Tears of Steel Blender short film, is 24 fps. I changed the video mode to 23.98, 29.97, 30, 60 making sure to start a new project each time and they all produced audio clipping after applying the Pitch filter.

I also tested the 4K 60fps version of Big Buck Bunny which also produced audio clipping. Here is a demo of it with it sped up 2x with the Pitch filter set at 2x speed compensation: https://streamable.com/7ywye

As can also be seen in that demo, the audio is out of sync with the video as the audio is ahead of the video. Simply applying the Pitch filter causes the audio and video to go out of sync.

Here are two more demos of the same section as above to show this:

1 - Clip sped up 2x with no Pitch filter (audio and video are in sync): https://streamable.com/0r2ue

2 - Clip sped up 2x with Pitch filter but with speed compensation at 1x (audio and video go out of sync and also audio clipping is heard): https://streamable.com/756jm

I’ll also point out that the out of sync issue isn’t seen in the preview in Shotcut. It’s seen after the file is exported. Then again, playing the 4K file with the Pitch filter applied made playback very choppy so maybe it wasn’t as noticeable in the preview. But it is possible that the out of sync issue isn’t experienced in the preview but produced in the export.

I converted the original Tears of Steel video to all 3 options (H.264, DNxHR and Ut video). I tested all 3 file and they still all had audio clipping produced.

This is not a new bug:

Yes, it is slightly different, but I think it is the same thing where a key event is going to where it does not belong. I have not reproduced it either.

I reproduce this. The key factor is that it occurs on the Timeline. I do not reproduce it in the Source player.
Technically, this is not clipping but rather clicking due to erroneous samples. Clipping is when the volume levels reach or exceed a maximum such that we can only use the maximum numeric value to represent it.

Simply applying the Pitch filter causes the audio and video to go out of sync.

We are aware of this. This filter introduces a delay that is inevitable positive or negative. We are working on a way to compensate for this.

Thank you for your detailed report. I’m digging in to see if I can get to the bottom of it.

13) Make a transition clip. Undo the transition clip. Now grab the clip on the right and move it back and forth. A red outline of the transition clip that was undone will appear inside the clip on the left. Demo.

This is fixed for the next version.

14) Have at least 2 tracks opened in the timeline. Lower the timeline down to the near bottom. Use Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom out fast and back again. The whole timeline will collapse in a strange fashion by either totally disappearing, appearing in fragments or being separated from the track heads. Demo.

The issues with the Pitch filter have been fixed for the release.

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15) Using the Crop: Source filter with Preview Scaling may be inaccurate. In this demo, I scale it down to 360p and crop it so that the top of the letter “B” has no gap. When I switch back the Preview Scaling to None, there is a gap.

I found a bug when resizing a colour clip in distort mode. The colour box doesn’t fill the boundary box, the blue rectangle stays in proportion when it shouldn’t.

I’ve got it the back of my mind that it has been reported - probably by @sauron or @drm, but I may be wrong can’t seem to find it on the forum. Apologies if this is the case.

I would think it’s an urgent bug to address before the release.

[EDIT - I deleted the video since it is no longer appropriate (problem already reported and resolved).]

I reported this. It’s been fixed.

Thanks @sauron - I seem to remember you mentioning it but couldn’t find reference to it. Better to be safe than sorry. Please ignore!! I’ll remove the YT demo - In 30 minutes I’ve already had 3 comments saying “amazing video” etc. Something tells me they are being sarcastic (!!) :laughing: