V19.12 BETA now available


The purpose of the beta is to find new problems that block release. We are not trying to fix everything wrong that can be found before the release. Therefore, we may not respond to your reply or address it in the release.

This beta adds the ability to move multiple-selected clips on the timeline. I am already aware there are some new undo-related bugs associated with this change that I am working on prior to release. Please do not report about this.

  • If the current release version 19.10 does not start and basically work for you do not bother to test the 19.12 beta and report about.
  • Provide all feedback as a reply within this thread or as a GitHub Issue. If using GitHub make sure you indicate the version.
  • The beta period will last through December 15.
  • We are only interested in major regressions over recent versions (v19.09 and newer).
  • We are also interested in severe bugs in new features and changes specific to this release.
  • There will only be another beta released if there is a critical problem that needs confirmation from testers after the fix.
  • The actual release may add some low risk fixes over the beta.


Get the beta release from this GitHub page that also includes the list of fixes, changes, and additions.

Thank You For Your Help!

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Hi Dan,
Bug report:
I just downloaded 19.12. I loaded a project I was working on (works fine in 19.10) which contains just PNGS with transitions, and all I get in the viewer is INVALID. Screen capture:
Looks to me as if this is a serious bug?


I loaded a project I was working on (works fine in 19.10) which contains just PNGS with transitions, and all I get in the viewer is INVALID.

Yes, please upload your project file.

I started a new project in 19.12 and imported some pngs - seems to work fine:


Will try to send the project file.

Original file still not working, but the project file (repaired by SC) I sent to you (zip) now works, after I had to specify the new location for the PNGs on SC startup.

I reproduced it and fixed for the next version 19.12.
This problem affects any project using relative paths. Yes, a repair works but this is a big inconvenience for testing. I might post a new beta but until then the workaround is to save and repair.

Thanks Dan. I’ve reverted to 19.10 to carry on with my project but will go back to 19.12 when it’s finished. Thanks for adding the ability to move multiple clips. Will be a very useful feature.

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Drag and drop an MP3 file from the file manager to the playlist panel . The file does not play in the source viewer. File new stops working. Shotcut becomes unresponsive. Cannot shut the application. Have to use task manager to close Shotcut.

Drag and drop from file manager to source viewer works. File open also works.

The only audio file that causes this behavior is mp3. Drag and drop wav, m4a, ogg, aac, flac from the file manager to the playlist panel works fine.

Also, Ctrl+0 doesn’t reset track height, it opens the jobs panel.

Did you test these things against current release version?

Works for me with or without album art.

Ctrl+0 doesn’t reset track height, it opens the jobs panel.

This changed in a previous version intentionally.

It works with 19.10.
The issue is with the 19.12 beta release.

Two questions about the Gradient filter:

  1. Is it meant to be compatible with a color clip?

  2. Can the Size and Position values be made keyframeable?

I tested it on a transparent clip.

Yes, but I forgot to mention this filter only supports simple keyframes for Position and Size only due to a technology mismatch between the frei0r backend and the Shotuct UI with respect to a rectangle data type (frei0r lacks it).

I am still thinking of simple, clean, and obvious way to indicate which parameters participate in simple keyframes. Bold labels? An icon like that looks like a trapezoid or {} placed where: before label, after label, in a column after the reset/undo button?

Ripple trim and drop is broken.
With Shotcut 19.10, when ripple trim and drop is active a clip moved to the right pushes clips to the right of it along the timeline. The same clip moved left pulls the clips to the right along the timeline.
19.12 Beta only moves the clips to the right. When a clip is pulled left the clips on the right do not move.

I am still unable to reproduce trying multiple ways. It probably depends on something specific:

  • tested on Windows with Explorer and Linux with GNOME Files, which are you using today?
  • every playlist view mode
  • with and without album art
  • video mode set to Automatic or 720p50
  • new, empty session
  • project loaded
  • load a project and File New/Close (they do the same thing :slight_smile: )
  • 1 file or multiple dragged

This happens with Windows 10 1909. Haven’t tried Linux.
As of this morning it is still happening

It might have something to do with my system and not Shotcut.:weary:

Tested the mp3 issue with Shotcut 19.10.20 and 19.12.09 Linux Fedora 30.
There is no problem with dragging and dropping an mp3 file on the playlist panel.

It seems the issue is with my Windows setup.

I reproduced this and fixed it.
I also found that combination of ripple, multi-select on same track, and dragging to the same track is crashy and nonsensical. I fixed that too by using the leftmost selected clip.

How about just underlining the name of that parameter? And then if you hover the mouse on it have a text box appear that says “Simple Keyframes Available” or “Only Simple Keyframes Available”.

Speaking of text boxes, the ones for the Simple Keyframe buttons like for setting the start and end for trimming should be updated so that they say what the shortcut keys are for them.

So here are the issues I found so far with this beta:

1 - Pick a filter that has Keyframes with curves. Use the trim filter to set the start of the filter later in the clip. Activate Advanced Keyframes. Set the playhead later in the clip and press the button to set a new keyframe where the playhead is. The keyframe will not be set where the playhead is. Instead it will be set further down the clip. Demo.

2 - Selecting the Properties tab by right clicking on a clip does not open up the Properties tab. It works for trackheads and the Master track but not for clips in the timeline.

3 - I don’t know if this one is a feature or a bug. When a clip is dragged to a second clip where there is a gap in between them it now creates a transition. However, if the first clip selected is on the left side of the second clip and it’s dragged to the right side of the second clip to create a transition then a transition won’t be created. Instead, it will overwrite the second clip. Demo.

4 - If the above is a feature then there is a bug related to it. If a clip is overwritten by a second clip below the first clip, undoing the action will mess up the timeline. In some cases, undoing and redoing the action can even cause Shotcut to crash. Demo.

5 - Changing the speed of a clip in Properties will change from where the clip is taken from the timeline. This happens whether you are slowing down or speeding up a clip. In this demo, I cut a section from the video clip that comes in a little over 1 minute in. I go to slow down the clip in Properties and after I do that the clip now plays from the beginning of the whole video file. I show in the demo the first and last frame of the clip before I change the speed to show that the clip is taken from that one specific section. After I change the speed of the clip, I go back to show the first and last frame of that same clip to show that it is of a totally different part of the video which is from the very start.

6 - There is nothing stopping multiple clips from being dragged all the way passed defined sections of the timeline. If you select multiple clips to move, and select as the main clip to indicate the movement the furthest clip away from the defined point, then the clips that are to follow can be moved to the left past the start of the timeline or above beyond the set amount of video tracks in the timeline. If multiple clips are moved beyond the left of the timeline that it will cause the clips to be altered in the timeline. Here’s a demo of that. If the multiple clips are moved to go beyond the amount of video tracks set, it will cause Shotcut to crash. In this demo, after I try to move multiple clips up beyond V2, you will notice that Shotcut freezes. After it froze, Shotcut crashed right after that.

7 - There are times when moving multiple clips ends up overwriting clips that are in the same line of selected clips instead of just moving all the clips accordingly. Here is a demo of one instance where I had two video tracks of clips and I attempted to move one line of clips on V1 which had 6 clips and after trying to move all of them to the right, the 6 clips were overwritten to 5 with some of those clips heavily shortened.

8 - Drag the 1st clip closer to a 2nd clip but drop the 1st clip so that there is still a gap in between. Then take the 1st clip again and drag it to the 2nd clip so that it creates a transition. When you hit Undo, the clip or clips that follow the 1st clip are thrown down the timeline. Demo.

9 - Right now after dragging multiple clips once all the clips are deselected. Can this be changed to keep the clips selected after dragging and dropping multiple clips around the timeline? If I move multiple clips around and drop them but then change my mind and want to move them elsewhere I would have to reselect all of them.

10 - Can shortcut keys be added for these seek buttons in Advanced Keyframes:

How about Alt+; and Alt+’ ?

Underline is ugly IMO. In the next beta 19.12.09 I am preparing now, I put “{ }” before the labels in the new Gradient filter so people can see it and give an opinion.

1 not new
2 broke in v19.09 and is minor, but I will probably fix it
3 is a new change and working as expected
5 I need to revert a bug fix that is causing more trouble than worth.
7 is working as intended even if not what you expect. Moving multiple clips without ripple on does a lift and overwrite operation on each one-by-one. It is hard to predict what you will get. With ripple on, it pushes using the left most in the selection using the new beta 19.12.09
9 & 10 Not now

As you can see moving multiple clips is tricky not just for the programmer but also for users to predict what is going to happen in many cases. There are so many corner cases. But it does not stop people from begging even if it is going to destabilize.

1, 2 & 5 were easy fixes for the next version after 19.12.09

6 is fixed. 4 & 8 are undo-related as mentioned in first post

I think 7 is kind of a big deal and is going to throw a lot people and use cases. I think I need to change the logic to first lift every selected and then overwrite with everything selected. That is a very big change with a lot of work. So, I am going to disable multiple move for this release to rework this area more.

I uploaded a new version 19.12.09 to the beta page and removed the older one.
It fixes:

  • loading an older project that includes a transition and using a relative path anywhere
  • moving timeline clip left in ripple mode
  • removed showing a keyboard shortcut to reset track height
  • added simple animation indications { } to gradient filter
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