V18.12.23 Bug Report

Windows 10

I found several bugs and issues with v18.12.23 so I am listing it all in one thread.

1) This bug that I reported on here before has made its return.

2) Pick an item on the filters list that is lower on the menu then when you go back to the list the upper half is cropped unless you scroll down and scroll back up. https://images2.imgbox.com/5a/4a/L7WJCvhh_o.gif

3) The Advanced Keyframes for the Rotate and Scale feature has some major bugs involving Scale.

I went to Scale and applied these two Advanced Keyframes to have the video zoom back smoothly

Instead, the video gets completely distorted in movement: https://images2.imgbox.com/0c/38/5iZOMdyi_o.gif

I then took the same Keyframes and just changed them to Linear and there seems to be a very slight distortion in movement right in the first few frames. Look closely and you’ll catch it: https://images2.imgbox.com/80/67/JsMn3VBY_o.gif

I also took the same Advanced Keyframes and just changed them from Linear to Discrete and it also was distorted: https://images2.imgbox.com/e8/fb/btbpzCLa_o.gif

If you do this process by making the Advanced Keyframes Discrete first the result is not a discrete effect at all and there is major warping in movement: https://images2.imgbox.com/45/6c/nxl3Xtd1_o.gif

4) This red arrow gets distorted when the Mirror filter is applied first then after it the Size and Position or the Rotate and Scale filter.

Here is how it looks with the original png

And here is how it looks like converted to jpg

5) When moving the individual points in Advanced Keyframes, it tends to go out of sync with the playhead. That means that the playhead many times will not land directly on the Advanced Keyframe after it is moved. That makes it frustrating if I want to change the timing of an Advanced Keyframe to be where I have the playhead at because then it’s imprecise: https://images2.imgbox.com/46/ff/eMpVCxuN_o.gif

6) There is a strange bug where if you switch the language of the interface and back to English then the names of the Shotcut filter presets in the other languages get added. I was checking out Japanese and Spanish but when I came back to English all those languages showed up in the preset list in Size and Position

7) The X and Y offset do not respond in Simple Keyframes. They only respond in Advanced Keyframes. A bug?

8) The 3D Text filter is not accessible anymore. When you choose it Shotcut freezes.

9) Finally, this may not really be a bug but how about setting the Blur filter to allow it to go to 0? The lowest it goes now is 1.

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#6 will not be addressed due to the presets design
#7 is by design
#8 depends on your system (works for me) and will not be addressed (except to remove it if enough complaints)
#9 will not be addressed. I looked into this, and it is due to the design with separate horizontal and vertical paramers

3D Text has always worked for me until 18.12.23.

#8 3D Text no issues (win10-18.12.23)

Other people have reported this with different versions, but nothing has changed in this area for over two years. Did you actually test both versions one immediately after the other? Did you try after a reboot with a new project/session? Maybe a driver update affected it.

3D text works in 18.12.23 and 19.01 BETA.

So how can I eliminate all that extra text the other languages and prevent them from being added on?

Delete them from the presets folder in Settings > App Data Directory > Show…

I reproduced #4. @DRM’s png is at fault. The resolution is 1083x816 and I think that is the problem. I seem to remember there was a similar problem and Shotcut resolutions need to be divisible by 2 or 4 I think.

I downloaded DRM’s png and created 3 png files at 1920x1080, 1200x600, and 1083x860. The 1920x1080 and the 1200x600 were not distorted with mirror and S&P and R&S filters. The 1083x860 was distorted as was DRM’s png.

Here’s the project file and the images.

Mirror bug.zip (131.5 KB)

#3 is fixed for the version 19.01 release. It will not fix broken projects as that change is too risky now.

#4 is also fixed for v19.01, but it also does not attempt to repair a broken project.

It seems to have been fixed but now there is a bug where if that clip with the Advanced Keyframes is split like this

then the newly cut clips will have the distortion: https://images2.imgbox.com/f3/7c/BkkxM9jB_o.gif

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