Stretch screen when split clip that is using the filter "rotate and scale"

When I use the “rotate and scale” filter, it works normally but when I split the scene, it then causes one part of it (normally the second part) to stretch and after messing around with it, both stretched (sometimes vertically and sometimes horizontally) when its set to zoom in. I don’t know if this is a bug or if I’m doing something wrong, but when it happens I have to put a new filter on it and can’t fix the old one, and sometimes undo stops fixing it from stretching.

I do not know what version you are using and your exact steps, but I am not able to reproduce the problem on version 19.02.28 by:

  1. open a clip
  2. add it to the timeline
  3. add the Rotate and Scale filter
  4. adjust the rotation and scale a little
  5. split the timeline clip using the ‘S’ shortcut
  6. compare the clips on each side of the split

I don’t know if this is a bug or not. I have encountered this with the RS filter. I just thought it was the way RS filter handled key frames.

1.Open a color clip.
2.Add to timeline.
3.Add simple keyframes to scale from 100% to 50% then from 50% back to 100% at the end of the clip.
4.Split the clip at mid point.
When the clip is played three is distortion around the split point.

This also happens with advanced key frames as well.

When you apply advanced key frames to the SP filter it behaves different. When the clip is split at the mid point the key frame continuity is preserved.

When you apply simple key frames to the SP filter then split the clip at midpoint the same key frames are applied to each clip.

This project illustrates what is happening. This clips on V3 were copied to V2 then the clips on V3 were each split at midpoint.

R and S bug.mlt (24.6 KB)

Windows 10 pro. Latest SC build.

That sounds like what I reported before here in this thread:

@Baboobraz, click right above on the link to my post from my older thread and see if that gif clip I made is similar to the bug that you are talking about here.

It is exactly what is happening… is there a fix for this though?

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