V18.10 BETA program and download

I agree, but the strings for translators have already been submitted and release is just around the corner. We will try to remember for next month.

9 Deaths of the Ninja is 640x360 while the Coolio video is 490x360 (4:3 aspect ratio).

This bug surfaced when TRA questioned why resolution width was limited to a multiple of 8 in a different thread. I said the code log did not remind me why; let’s change it to a multiple of 2 (because codecs typically require that) and see what happens. Well, now we saw what happened, and it was due to a default image alignment setting in the OpenGL programming. It defaults to 4, and the chroma planes of video are half resolution in each direction. I simply had to change the permissible alignment to 1. Probably before I banged my head on the problem for a while, gave up, and added that restriction.

I’m really enjoying the new Grid feature and I also like the nice touch of the new modified look of the Filters menu.

But there is a setback in terms of the speed in how the timeline runs. I tested several movie files of around two hours long both in HD and SD. When I tried to zoom in the timeline to as close to max as possible there was first a much longer delay than before to the point where Shotcut actually had the loading symbol come up. Since I have noticed a slowdown when the Waveform is active I have shut that off and from that point on there is almost no slow down when I zoom in and out of the timeline and it improved workflow speed in general. I have posted about that before: https://forum.shotcut.org/t/is-it-possible-to-make-the-audio-waveform-less-taxing-in-shotcut/7167

But with this beta even with the Waveform off there is quite the slow down as if the Waveform was still on. In addition, when zoomed in very close the playhead stutters quite a lot as it moves across. This doesn’t seem to affect short video clips but on longer video clips as with whole movie files the problem manifests. I have noticed that the timeline has been updated so that when it is zoomed in the time stamps above it are more specific as per the zoom level. I am guessing that is the source of the new slowdown and stutter issues.

I was also going to post some other issues but TRA reported them among the other ones he posted. Regarding this one though:

could you please reconsider and fix it? Not only have I noticed it in this beta myself but I could swear that this has happened before. I do remember in the past using the Size and Position filter and noticing that a parameter would change even if I wasn’t trying to change that parameter. So if I was just changing the position of the video the size parameter would get altered a little and if I was changing the size of the video the position parameters would get altered. The degrees of the change might not seem so much but it does add an unnecessary step of having to go to the parameters and correct them every time you are using the Size and Position filter. It will get annoying having to do that every time when working with the Size and Position filter.

I am not observing this. 10.08.01 is faster for me when timeline zoom is in middle and I use +/- to increment it, and it is much faster when going ~max → ~min. I am testing with a 2 hour project. Do you have the new grid feature on? Are you comparing it against v18.09.16?
I can only think of one possible change that might have an impact, and a simple no-impact change to remedy the possible problem.

I do not see that. Nothing really changed here except when you change Settings > Video Mode. However, if you see something like that, then it will explain it. How do I reproduce it because I am unable to?

Okay so to make things very clear I made a video. I used a movie I have on DVD that is 2 hours and 40 minutes long. I compare the performance of the same section from it in both the builds from September 16th and this beta. I have the Waveform off in both tests.


In the video you’ll see that with the beta when I zoom in at the max there is a lengthy load time whereas in the September 16th build there is none. You can see the choppy playback in the beta after it’s zoomed in. I also reset the playhead a little back and reply part of it so that you can see more clear how the playhead stutters as it moves. Along with that take a look at the time stamps above the timeline when it’s zoomed in at max. The September 16th build was like the previous ones but in the beta the time stamps become more specific.

I reproduced this today. I am not sure what went wrong with my testing yesterday.

This is fixed.

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This happens when Size mode = Fill. I fixed it.

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That’s terrific news! This October build is shaping up to be solid.

Closing as version 18.10.08 has been released. I think there was a fast reaction by both community and developers in this first try at this process. I did not want to try to add or address much more for risk of having to issue another beta and delay release at least another week. I really wanted to get the Windows audio preview bug fix out.

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