Using Shotcut on Chromebook with Appimage

There are two ways to run Shotcut on a Chromebook: installing a flatpak or running an AppImage.

If you install a flatpak, you end up with an icon in your Linux Apps folder you can click on. It does limit you to the version you installed. So you will have to execute the command sudo flatpak uninstall org.shotcut.Shotcut and basically follow the instructions from my posting.

Another way to run Shotcut is downloading the latest AppImage and running the command in Terminal.

So you go to the Shotcut download page and click on the AppImage you want.

Move the file from Downloads to Linux Apps.

In Files, go to your Linux Apps and highlight the Shotcut Appimage. Then hit CTRL+ENTER then hit CTRL+A to highlight the file name and then hit CTRL+C to copy the file name. Tap anywhere in the blank space to remove the highlight on the file.

Open Terminal. You need to make the AppImage executable.

Enter this:

chmod +x ./

Then do a two-fingered tap to paste the AppImage file name (or use CTRL+SHIFT+V). Then hit ENTER. Nothing will happen but give you another prompt line.

To run the program, enter:


Two-fingered tap to paste (or CTRL+SHIFT+V) and hit Enter. Shotcut will run.

You will need to do this each time you want to run Shotcut. You can use menulibre to create an icon. I find it a bit of a pain since you have to uninstall and re-install every time you want to update.

So if we were running this today. You’d download the AppImage, go to Files, Downloads, move the file to Linux Apps, go into Linux Apps, highlight the file, copy the whole file name, open Terminal and then the next two commands look like this for v. 21.10.31:

chmod +x ./shotcut-linux-x86_64-211031.AppImage

This is also a great way to run Audacity as it is very hard to install. (And the flatpak is for a beta version for v. 3.1.0.) Same method, just use the name of the Appimage file.

ETA: After you’ve installed and run it once, close everything and open Files and go to Linux Apps and change the name of your AppImage to whatever you want. I run Shotcut from the flatpak and Audacity using the run command. The Audacity flatpak is a beta of the current v. 3.1.0. So I changed the name of the AppImage to Audacity and when I want to run it, I open Terminal and enter ./Audacity. If you are running Shotcut via AppImage, you can do the same.

You can create an icon from the AppImage by installing menulibre, but I am finding opening it is hit or miss. So if you are running the AppImage, it is best to use the sure thing of ./Shotcut

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