Using Shotcut on a QNAP VM

I installed a Shotcut package from QNAP on a MINT distribution running on a VM under QNAP Virtualization Station. I am using the VM console for the display. The video plays okay on the console through another player. In Shotcut, everything appears to be functioning except the playback window. The player progress bar moves along as if it is playing but there is no video in the window. I see a small graphic with a thumbnail shot when I move a clip to the timeline, but the clip doesn’t play in the time line either. Any thoughts?

For me it doesn’t make sense to run SC in a Virtual Machine.
Why don’t you install SC direktly in your Linux distribution to avoid bugs and lags?

Seems the perfect solution for someone on the road. Just upload your videos clips, login to your QNAP and start editing. The NAS takes care of backup and makes archiving a breeze. The QNAP has plenty of horsepower. Since the crunching is all done on the QNAP the only lag is in the network connection.

You can try the software display method. That is all I have to suggest.

I was able to change the video mode to QXI in the VM settings, which got it working. But the performance was marginal to unacceptable. There appears to be a GPU passthru mode on some NAS models, but this only works for Windows VM’s. Maybe next release?! Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe what next release? Rewrite everything to not use OpenGL so you can run it in a virtual machine on under-powered hardware? Not going to happen. You should take a look into Flowblade or something else not heavily dependent on OpenGL.

No, I was saying maybe the next release of QNAP Virtualization Station will include GPU passthru mode for Linux VM’s.

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