Use of a jpg which was a pdf

I use 2 various converters (pdf2jpg and , after, smallpdf) which convert pdf to jpg : I see correctly the image in my stream BUT(after creation of the .mp4), I see INVALID for the elapsed time of these images

Who use a converter and which pdf to jpg converter ? Many thanks

I would use photoshop

I use ShareX (Windows only) for capturing everything.
It’s actually a daily addiction to ShareX.

Basically everything that’s visible on your screen it can capture, either full screen or a defined box you make with your mouse.

I even used ShareX to capture this within Sharex, lol.

I use ‘GIMP’, - its a free program!

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You can try converting it to a png file…

I use to convert the pdf in png and have one more time INVALID in the mp4

I’m sad to respond that the result is not which I want. I do not want all the screen but only the entire page of my pdf. And I do not want my pdf splitted in 2 captures

If anyone here see his mp4 with images not produced by a digital camera, tell me please which format and which tool are used

I export with GIMP my pdf in png and obtain one more time this INVALID in my shotcut mp4 !!

I read
“In Shotcut Playlist, go to each item you changed. Double click. You will get a white or black screen or INVALID message.” in There's an Invalid screen !!!???

I add in a new project 2 photos done with the cell phone of my colleague. Format is .jpg 468 Ko (479 232 octets) and finally (third image) one of my photo (.jpg 5266 Ko) done with my Olympus photo device

The 2 first photos are INVALID in the new .mp4 and my (third) photo is in this .mp4 !!

Link: Captured with ShareX

Captures with ShareX of the document (ShareX captured) in Shotcut.

A frame export within Shotcut (Video Mode: 1920x1080)

Good luck with your quest to find the right conversion tool though.

You haven’t mentioned GIMP in your 1st post anyway!
If you export from GIMP you have to care the settings.

Btw. your multiposts aren’t necessary.

Using the latest Beta.
Used,,, and Gimp to convert a pdf to jpg.
Exported to mp4. No problems.

Video here.

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