Urgent: Transparent lyric video


I am new to Shotcut and would be extremely grateful if somebody could help me fix this lyric clip.
de me noiazi.mlt (72.4 KB)

I need the background to be completely transparent for the video to be used on my website. This is rather urgent, since we have a release soon,and I have read a lot and tried multiple suggestions found online, but I just can’t seem to make it! So I will be glad to pay a small sum of money for the assistance, if you like, too.

Is there a helpful fella out there? PM me ASAP please!! Many thanks in advance!!

Do you mean the background of the text?¨
From what I can see from your MLT file, it is transparent.¸

Can you share a screen capture of your entire Shotcut window and indicate what part you need to be transparent?

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Yes, there needs to be nothing behind the lyrics. Thank you so much for the fast response!

when I export though, the backgound is black :frowning:

What is your operating system?
What is your Shotcut version?
Go to Help > About Shotcut to find out

ok, I have installed version 23.05.18 …

@AMP if you want help to find a solution to your problem, I suggest you answer the questions you’re asked…


Maybe this tutorial is relevant: Tutorial: How to export a video with transparency

I am not sure if you can use transparent videos on a website.

Not what MB asked I’m afraid. Why did you upgrade your version midway through the project? That probably won’t be an issue, but it is always recommended to complete a project with the same version it was started in.

I can assure you that on this forum there are some very helpful members and it won’t cost you a cent! However, you will need to help us out by answering the questions previously asked. So to that end, the first and most relevant question is this:

Did the @MusicalBox tutorial @Brian linked help solve your transparency issue?

If so, then no need for any further investigation and congrats. I will wait for that answer before proceeding further.


Well, I guess that answers that (or not, as the case may be)! Obviously not so urgent after all. Go figure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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