Unwanted text

I created a whole video. I was basically finished with the video part of it and just wanted to add an audio track, which I also did without a problem; however, the audio was free as long as I gave the correct credits. I pasted the credits and they ended up in the wrong place, leaving me with a lot of unwanted text. I cannot get rid of that text. It is not in a text box. I’ve tried everything. The worst part is that it covers about 6 video tracks that I set up to open 6 images one at a time without erasing the previously opened ones. Do you have any ideas as to how to erase this unwanted text without having to redo 6 video tracks? TIA for any help you can offer.

Maybe you added a text filter to a track or Output (look for a funnel icon along the left side of the timeline, click, and see Filters).

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I found the funnel and deleted it and that did it. I really appreciate your help!

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