"unsaved files" niggle


As in the title, more of a niggle than a bug. Using version18.11.18, whenever I try to open a project file from within SC I am getting the “Unsaved files detected” message despite having saved immediately before shutting down. It seems to happen every time.
If I open the same file by double clicking on the icon in the folder it’s saved, the message does not pop up.
It hasn’t occurred with any previous versions and still happens after a reinstall.
As I say, a niggle rather that a broken feature, but I thought I’d report it nonetheless.


@QDSOV Are you using the new UI?

Or from here?


The new UI


I’ve already documented quite a bit about what you’re experiencing here: 18.11.18 Recent Project UI saved project going to auto recover


Cheers Hudson - I missed that thread of yours. Does sound like we’re coming from the same direction :slight_smile:


This has been fixed for the next version 18.12