Unable to Open Project File

I am not able to open my project files. I haven’t had any problems before now, but it has been about three weeks since I accessed them. I get a dialogue box that says,“There are missing files in your project. Double-click each row to locate a file.” When I do so, it opens a Windows dialogue box to open a file. When I open it, all I get is the word “Invalid” displaying where the video should be. I updated to version 19.12.31, but that didn’t change anything.

My video is set to automatic, and display is DirectX. I’m running Windows 10, 64-bit. Processor is Intel® Pentium® CPU 4417U @ 2.30 GHz, 2301 MHz, 2 Cores, 4 Logical Processors; 4 GB installed RAM, and 650 mb available physical RAM. I’m using MP4, and I’m unsure about the resolution frame rate and bit rate as the video settings are set to auto. I don’t know about the export file specifications.

1.mlt (6.1 KB)

Does the file 1.MP4 exist in E:\VIDEOS\EXPLORATIONS\VIDEOS\PINK HOUSE 3 NOV 2019 ?

When you get the missing files dialog, make sure that when you double-click the row you locate the 1.MP4 file and not the project itself. Alternatively, click Search in Folder… and choose the folder that contains 1.MP4.

It’s the 1.MP4 file that comes up. If I double click on it, it brings up the Windows dialog box with the folder where the project file is. If I open the project file, Shotcut loads it like it’s loading the video, but “INVALID” shows in the preview. Clicking Search in Folder opens the same Windows dialog box, but it shows no results.

You’re doing it wrong, not answering my question, and not reading instructions. Good luck

I am not a computer or video editing expert, but apparently you don’t have the patience to help someone with lesser expertise. I did answer your question and did do what you said. Since I’m “doing it wrong”, it would have been helpful to tell me exactly what I was doing wrong. I attached a copy of the file. That evidently was never looked at to see if it had been corrupted or if an effect was causing the problem as I have seen in other threads. If this is an example of the customer service here, I’ll be deleting Shotcut and using another program.

This is the question @shotcut asked and it was never answered. Nobody can provide any next steps or diagnosis without this information. As for customer service, okay, I can see how you wouldn’t be satisfied, but I hope that doesn’t deter you from using Shotcut. Please understand that the developers have limited time that they split between fixing bugs, adding new features, and being available to answer questions on the forum. It is unfulfilling for them as well as you to spend time on threads that don’t give them the information they need to fix a problem, while a hundred other users are waiting for help in the meantime.

On a different note, thank you for the full specifications of your computer and software version numbers that you included with your first post. This is often neglected by many people requesting help, and it’s refreshing to see you include it from the start. :slight_smile:

This sequence reads like you did exactly what he said not to do. The dialog is telling you that the 1.MP4 file cannot be found and it wants to know where else it should look to find it. That means you should double-click on a file called 1.MP4 located somewhere on your computer, not on an MLT project file.

Since the project file was parsed far enough to begin locating missing media, this suggests that corruption is not an issue.

Since 1.MP4 is located on an E: drive, is there any chance it was on a flash drive or external hard drive that is currently not connected?

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You don’t have to be to know where files are stored at.
You obviously changed the directory where you’re keeping files.

Perhaps the 1.mp4 is in /GNAL 3 NOV 2019/ directory

If you don’t want to answer simple questions, that’s on you.
Perhaps we misunderstood your level of computer knowledge.
Maybe someone can help you change directories to find your files for you.

For other people trying to find solutions to this issue that happens quite a bit, this is what happens when you double click on the missing file in this dialog box.
Obviously I don’t have this file, nor directory structure, but it opens up the standard (in my case Windows) File Explorer to find the file. You’re choosing what to replace the file with. If you moved the source file, it’s giving you the option to find the missing source file, and the MLT project file will be “-Repaired.mlt”

If you’re not familiar with changing directories in Windows there is multiple help videos on YouTube to assist you. There has to be some sort of common computer knowledge to use Shotcut, or any editing software.

The problem of not understand directories will not change by jumping to another editing software. You’ll encounter the same exact problems.

I bet that’s it. Good catch.

@Tsalagiman are the video files still on your computer? If not, you need to put the video files back where they were when you created the project. The Shotcut .mlt file does not store the video file - it only remembers where the file was when you worked on the project.

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