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I downloaded a video from the web. The original is in English, and parts of the video are still in English. But there is another language track which seems to be on top of the English track. At least, I think I can hear the English underneath it. I only see one track for the audio. I can add another track, but it doesn’t seem to be the other language. I can mute one, but muting the other has no effect. I don’t care about the muting. I just want to get rid of the overlaid language track. How can I see it to remove it?

It sounds like what you describe is a dubbed audio where you can still hear the original audio and it’s all on one audio track, but just to be sure, you can attach a screenshot with the audio characteristics of that video.
You can do it via Shotcut like this:

In this case of my example, there are two separate audio tracks in the same video and you could choose between one track or the other.
I don’t know if there is a way to separate these two languages as doing filtering and isolation of voices will also include the two languages.

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It is dubbed audio. In places, the dubbing doesn’t quite hide the English. But I can’t get the same access to the tracks that you show. Your example shows two separate options for the tracks: 1:2ch 48 KHz mp2, and 2:6ch 48 KHz ac3. I only have the first option. There must be a way to find the dubbed track and modify or delete it, but I don’t see how. Thank you for your effort. It was clear, and should have helped me. Maybe I’ll learn enough about the program to find an answer. In the meantime, I just wanted a few clips, and they are mostly without the dubbing. Thanks again.

So that’s what I was afraid of. A dubbed audio in which the two languages are not separated. So it’s not like my example.
Getting the video with multiple audio tracks (one per language) would be ideal, but that’s not always possible.
I recently made a video to show the effects of an audio filter. I mixed the sound of rain and the sound of thunder on the same track, so they could not be separated, however, as the thunder frequencies are low and the rain frequencies extend into the high frequencies, I was able to separate the two sounds, albeit with some degradation.

In your case, both languages share the frequency range of the human voice, so I don’t know what to do in that case.

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