Tutorial on scene settings in Blender, Video editing in Shotcut

About 2 months ago I had started making tutorial with voice over (using OBS) on how to setup “scenes” in Blender to support my partner “music video”. Unlike most Blender tutorial, my approach is to provide complete scene/camera settings with assets (many :slight_smile: ) so that you can learn by example/faster. Although the final “enhancement” may or may not be provided but the tutorial should guide you to complete if “enhancement” are not provided.

So far I have completed 4 such tutorial.

  1. #103F Tutorial (Text only) Blender Setup a Zombie Crowd in a Town Square
  2. #104 Tutorial Blender 2.93 How to enhanced your asset for a night scene
  3. #105 Tutorial : Blender 3.0A How to create a flight path from earth to the moon
  4. #106 Tutorial:Blender 3.0A How to enhanced a river bank/street
    My latest : https://youtu.be/c98zhRazbW4

Most of these tutorial will demonstrate only selected “techniques” use in Blender to “enhanced” some of the selected assets. Otherwise it will be very long tutorial :slight_smile: ; but the assets will be provided with a brief walk through where possible.

Let me know if it is not appropriate to post here in this forum.
Otherwise I will continue to share update of my tutorial here.
Next tutorial will be on setting up a scene in an “old west cowboy” town … with some animation included in the tutorial.

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An eloquent Piece sir, indeed very helpful for us newbies

I am an aspiring video animator, and articles like such really helps us out.

Hi @JohnEggers
Good to know this helps. Here’s my latest on Old West Town scene setup that you may also like to follow …

Heads up … I am working on “Theme Parks” scene setup starting with an “Amusement Ride” type of Park. Here’s a preview of the rides I had animated/enhanced as part of this “Ride Park”. Will have tutorial on them … well atleast a few rides on tutorial like Carousel Horse, Ferris Wheel and Roller Coasters and others (bumper ride, flying umbrella ship, … ) if there are interest.

Amazing theme park. I tried animation some years ago, but had to give up as it was too difficult for me to produce a decent video. that way.

I love it, and as i said i am a newbie to this animation business and trying to grasp basic aspects of this animated video sphere, I have just one request, kindly, don’t delete my comments.

Thanks Elusien. Really appreciate your comments given I truly believe you have been one that inspire me how you add tools to support video making. Shotcut is my choice of tool for all video editing now.

This virtual 3D “amusment park” took me ~1 month to build … with just 9 rides for now, with the Theme entrance. I plan to build other parks as part of this overall Theme Park. Next target will be related to North Pole (due to x’mas coming) then into a hi tech park.

Again each “park” is aim to support music video with my partner.

hi @JohnEggers … why would I delete your comments lol. Thanks for your interest. Hope you support me by subscribing to my channel.

Hi All,
Wishing all a Happy and a very Merry Christmas.
In light of the festive season, my partner and I produce a music video with this “Winter Wonderland” song.

As usual, I made a tutorial on one part of the music video scene, a 3D model/animation on "setting up a flying Santa’s sleigh with free blender file provided of the whole animation.

Hope you like it.
Appreciate some support by subscribing to my channel :slight_smile: :star_struck:

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Hi All,
Sharing our latest music video made in welcoming the coming “Chinese New Year” … year of the Tiger.
Hope you enjoy it.

Hi all,
Sharing our latest music video in K-pop “Dreams Come True” that include a popular new dance by Aespa. Using both Blender 3.0 and Shotcut to edit this video as usual.
On the 3D front, my first attempt to incorporate / setup 2 cities (a Hi-Fi city and Manhattan NY city) in night scene joined via a long tunnel and bridge.
Also my first attempt to “really fine tune a dance motion” using Colab autotrace and manual smoothing/pose adjustment using Blender 3.0 latest features.

A few screen shots for feedback …
Harbour views

I have added a tutorial on how to use Google Colab autotracer for motion.
I had used a “K-pop dance video” for this tutorial on motion traced and apply on MMD models in Blender used in this Music Video above …
For those interested in tracing motion to be used in MMD … and you can retarget this motion (animation) into other “armatures/bones” used in other models.

Sharing our latest music video (MV) with Blender/Shotcut … with MMD motion/models.
This is our 2nd attempt on a K-pop MV.
Hope you and family members enjoy it.

Another K-pop music video. On the 3D animation front, added a little “star war” storm troopers dancing … and a little on battleship view. Plus just learnt how to animate “Sonic” run with “trail / streak lights” effect.


Hi … sharing 2 new music video we’d created.
The first MV focus on a “guest artist” with a wonderful voice … with mostly video editing technique of a old favourite song “Almost over you” by Leelou.

The second MV is another new Korean Pop Music “Run 2 You” … with a number of 3D scenes with different "animation and landscaping built/enhanced and mix with “Kpop” dancers clips/video editing templates. I suppose the young ones may like this more.


Hi … sharing 2 latest MV that we just created
First MV - “Sorry, Sorry” is based on a recent K-pop MV number.

Three 3D stages created … and a new opening screen with “automated building of a building”. One of the 3D stage is based on Anaemophic 3D in real life environment using “spiderman” within the building screen at the background.

Seond MV - is based a classic Cantonese song popularized in Hong Kong.

A few 3D stages was created … noteworthy is a night scene in “Hong Kong” old street scene with old tram cars.


Hi there,

Sharing our latest music video with 3D model/animation … this time a number scenes/stages build for this video.

  1. Thriller intro : A walk through Cemetry
  2. Thriller : Classic Silent of the Hill hospital and a graveyard stage
  3. Rock&Roll: A quiet morning downtown square with slow car passing in background and a car showroom in downtown.
  4. Gangnam Style: A mini city toll gate/high way with “fast cars” speeding by and a simple night street with mass dancers

Another new release of a music video … this time I have simulated a number of scenes, the biggest being a looping traffic scramble in downtown Tokyo … with a number of scenes/stages that matches closely to the lyrics of this song targeted for younger audience :slight_smile:
Traffic Scramble …

Music video entitled “Voltage” … a J-Pop MV

Hi all,

Well sharing another latest music video with 3D animation. This time adding a little fun to it by making a parody of “That That” MV by Psy.

I had setup the “cowboy” town similar to the original MV and employed our usual troop of MMD characters as backup dancers (well they do dance much much better than me which you can see in this MV) … where most parts of the dance motion were “motion traced” and smoothened using Colab tool and Blender 3.2 environment respectively. It is our first time using “cycle engine” to render entirely on all parts of the 3D environment and adding “doodle” graphics to make it more fun !
Hope you enjoy this music video too …

There’s a tutorial too I made to show how you can “smooth out” a captured motion for MMD character animation (dancing in this example). You can also retarget this motion to any other model/armatures/bones … but not cover in this tutorial.

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Hi All again.
Sharing our latest MV … song titled “You’re My Heart You’re My Soul” … with a mix of 3D model, 3D animation and the video clips and effects, integrated in Shotcut as always. Hope you enjoy this …