Trying to make UI for Glitch effect


Thanks for that, I don’t mind at all if you post them and I rather like the 2 decimal places.

Nice idea, perhaps @shotcut and @brian want to implement a similar system.
Users can download the latest version with all the official filters and plug-ins and if they want the extras, then they can download them.
It will also help with collating all the filters from different posts into one place.


Here they are. (2.0 KB)

RGB (1.9 KB)


Here is my contribution. See here:

It is a front-end to the frei0r.baltan filter - a sort of ghost-like effect. The parameters do not seem to have much effect - they have some, but not much. (1.9 KB)



Glad to see you joining in on the fun.:grinning:

From what I can tell, baltan has no parameters to set, it’s either on or off.
Maybe I’m looking at the wrong version.


Baltan is a strange filter. Needs to be applied to a video clip. I just copied the clip and applied the filter to the copy.
This is the result.

Baltan filter


Nice effect with the slo-mo footage.
Almost like a type of motion blur but seems to start from nothing and gets progressively more and more.

Wonder what the result would be if one used baltan then RGB shift.

BTW, did the controls make any difference?


I used width 10 height 2 for the video. It behaves strangely.

You need to apply it to a clip and look at it. It’s hard to describe. When the parameters are manipulated as the video plays odd ghosting happens.


Sounds interesting, will try it out.


The clip I used has no transition. It cuts from the rider on the left to the rider coming in from the right. The filter created a ghostly transition. It’s a very strange and interesting filter.


Sounds more and more interesting.
If I wasn’t going into a live broadcast now, would play with it.


Since this thread has morphed into pretty much all things filters, which is fantastic, this gives me an idea and here seems to be the right place to ask.
Of all of us you probably know webvfx the best, any new filters/effects that could be created this way?
I have used your route animator and credit roll generator, both work great, any others that can be made?
One that immediately comes to mind is a graphic of a magnifying glass that moves from left to right and the layer/clip under the lens is slightly magnified.
Saw it on a BBC News clip and it looked really nice.

Pretty soon we are going to run out of frei0r plug-ins :grinning: so as another option coding in html/css/js is a heck of a lot easier than C++


Two more front-end filters to Frei0r effects - Posterize and Cartoon. Again there is some variation made using different parameters, but it isn’t a lot. The documentation is here:

The filters are here: (1.9 KB) (2.0 KB)

When using these and the Baltan filter filter it is useful to increase the brightness to compensate for the filter’s decrease in brightness.

The MLT doculentation does not show a parameter, but the actual code does indeed have 2 parameters (width and height).

This is true, but the main problem is trying to get hold of the pixels of the underlying video clip, which I can’t find a way of doing. Dan gave me the code to do this for the GL-Transitions, but I don’t believe this data is exposed to the WebVfx interface to the Overlay HTML filter. If there is a way then I could probably do what you suggest.

Shotcut only implements 14 of the 85 or so Frei0r filters. However it does duplicate the functionality of some of the others. So there might still be quite a bit of life in them yet. The ones it uses are:

‘frei0r.alpha0ps’, ‘frei0r.bluescreen0r’, “frei0r.coloradj_RGB”, “frei0r.glow”, ‘frei0r.keyspillm0pup’, ‘frei0r.lenscorrection’, ‘frei0r.levels’, “frei0r.alphaspot”, “frei0r.pixeliz0r”, “frei0r.saturat0r”, ‘frei0r.select0r’, “frei0r.sharpness”. ‘frei0r.spillsupress’, ‘frei0r.premultiply’


Hey guys, great thread, been following but no time at the moment to contribute much. Keep up the entertainment, all good stuff :grinning::grinning::+1::+1:


Two more filters. (1.8 KB)

Rgb noise needs key frames. Couldn’t figure out how to do it.

RGB (1.7 KB)


I may be able to do this. A bit busy today, but may be able to do it tonight.


Found some time, so keyframes are now added to the filter in the ZIP file below. Adding keyframes is a bit fiddly and prone to errors. Debugging is a lot easier with the HTML Overlay filters using Chrome development tools.

RGB (2.3 KB) <— DO NOT USE THIS (see below)

CORRECTION :astonished: - The meta.qml file in the ZIP container is not correct, NOR IS THE ONE IN post 58 below. See post 63 for the new (corrected) ZIP container.


The key frames work but there are no nodes in the key frame panel.


With the edgeglow filter you can make a reasonable neon glow without OH filter.


Sitting on the balcony watching the Mediterranean and listening to BFBS whilst coding did the trick then? :grinning:

I agree, adding keyframes is not much fun, very fiddly.


Sorry, mea culpa, I forgot to edit the meta.qml file to include the keyframes clause. The contents should read:

	import QtQuick 2.0
	import org.shotcut.qml 1.0

	Metadata {
		type: Metadata.Filter
		name: qsTr("rgbnoise")
		mlt_service: "frei0r.rgbnoise"
		qml: "ui.qml"
		keyframes {
			allowAnimateIn: true
			allowAnimateOut: true
			simpleProperties: ['0']
			parameters: [
				Parameter {
					name: qsTr('Noise')
					property: '0'
					isSimple: true
					isCurve: true
					minimum: 0
					maximum: 1

Normally I would be, but I flew to the UK on Saturday to visit the kids and grandkids. In Wokingham today, Reading tomorrow and Torquay next week.


Working very well now.

The amended and key framed rgb noise filter. In case someone wants to make some noise.

RGB (2.4 KB)


Just the other day I wanted an RGB split effect, and here it is. I took the most recent .zip files and installed them, and they worked great. I haven’t tried RGB noise yet, but I tried Glitch and RGB split (with 19.02).